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  • ARCast.TV - TDD / MVP with Ron Jacobs

    Thanks Ron. More TDD man!

    Slight Rant:

    It has been written that the TDD methodology requires aprox twice as much test code as application code. Which translates into 2/3 of developer time spent on writing test code. This is where developers are spending most of their time which is a fruitful area for new productivity gains.

    Sometimes, I wish more teams at Microsoft were thinking about TDD. It really sucks to try and acheive 100% code coverage over an API that doesnt use interfaces (i.e. HttpContext, HttpRequest, HttpResponse..).

    True, progress has been made:D. Newer projects like ASP.NET MVC[H] do emphasize unit testing in their documentation and project templates. But still others like EDM dont apear to design for this scenario up front.

    More emphasis needs to be placed on designing for testing (as your great tdd videos have demonstrated). Architects & developers need more information up front about how APIs can be tested (best practices etc..). and as a general rule, APIs should have at least one article in their .chm that outlines their API testing story.

    We should do away with all all those "Console.WriteLine" style examples to and replace them with actual unit tests (asserts, mocks and all).

    Happy Holidays,

    TDD Koolaid Drinker

  • SharePoint Document Workflow: Extracting document details with your workflow

    FYI: you can use System.IO.Path.GetExtension(filename) instead of filename.Substring(filename.LastIndexOf("."))
  • Erik Meijer Shows Us His Favorite Visual Basic 9.0 Feature - XML Literals

    Excellent screencast.

    Using the concepts you guys demoed, I was able to create a REST interface for ASP.NET that uses XElement

    Source code & samples are available at

  • ARCast.TV - Presenter First Pattern (Part 3)

    Thanks for the excellent series.

    I was wondering what you guys think about TDD from a perspective of the current tools?

    IMHO it would be nice if there was a Unit Testing/Mocking/C# hybrid language where expectations and assertions were first-class concepts.

  • Windows Presentation Foundation - Everywhere?

    The video stops at 34:38 and WMP gives an error about the server not being available. Did anyone else experience this?