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  • Windows Vista ISV ​Show-and-​Tell

    when Linux becomes mainstream for application development, I'll switch my allegiance.  Until then, good luck with that Wink
  • Chatting about LINQ and ADO.NET Entities

    This technology is going to change the way we write SQL and anlyze objects.. can't wait until it becomes mainstream.
  • Windows Vista ISV ​Show-and-​Tell

    This is great stuff. 

    Personally, I have been frustrated for years with form based presentation layers.  Graphic artists are too expensive, so this provides a nice segway into developing some really cool "eye candy" application, which also provides an opportunity for great features to the end user.

    Some of the old guys around will argue all day long that test based UI's are the most efficient, and up to this point I would agree.  I think we are starting to see a shift where you can have really cool UI's, with tons of functionality.