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  • Rory Does Windows Mobile Development - An Introduction

    Rory, do you take suggestions for future screencasts? Smiley All though I've been using .NET for a while now - I still consider myself an uber-newb.
  • Rory Does Windows Mobile Development - An Introduction

    I've never heard Rory speak, but as soon as he said, "I'm assuming you can tell the difference between a variable and an orange" I was busting out in laughter.

    Dagum' Rory! Yer' phuny boya!
  • WPF - Shaxam

    dentaku wrote:
    Lightwave modeler has been my favorite modeler since WAY back in my Amiga days.
    It's just the most natural sculpting and building tool I've ever used.

    It's nice to see it being used in a different way.

    I've repeatedly jumped into Maya over the past 6 years. Each time I spend about 6 months of creative-construction, and then lose interest. I can't seem to mimic my passion for programming with my desire to do 3d Smiley The only 3d I've done in the last year was OpenGL...and that wasn't exactly enjoyable for me Smiley
  • WPF - Shaxam

    anon wrote:

    I dont mean this to be rude, but America is not the only country that is developing cutting edge software that we are all interested in! Its nice to see what people and teams are developing all around the world.

    You're not being rude, and I agree with you. If you ask me, I think of some of the most amazing programmers I know of come from other countries (why, I dunno).

    Keep in mind my closing comment on my initial post - "Regardless, this is good stuff" was essentially what I said.

    I don't expect all great things to come from America, quite the contrary sometimes Smiley

    Jonathan Sampson
  • Bill Gallagher - 17 Years at Microsoft

    15 years? My current job as a .NET developer has only lasted for the last 4years so far Smiley Is that rug on the wall a 15 year gift from Microsoft?
  • WPF - Shaxam

    I swear, watching Channel 9 is like tuning in to some Foreign Tech Show. I rarely hear american-accents on these interviews Smiley

    Regardless, this is good stuff.
  • Carnegie Mellon Robotics Lab

    This interview is fantastic!
  • What's Microsoft Speech Server (Beta)?

    I'm an outsider to Microsofts guts, but it seems like every smart programmer on the MS team has a foreign accent Smiley Perhaps channel nine should start each show with, "Who are who, what's your position, and what country do you hail from, mate?"

    It would be an interesting stat to the radio of foreign/local employees at MS Smiley

    The big question is, whill SpeechServer recongnize the English being spoken by these three? Smiley lol.