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  • Did They Find the Ark?

    billh wrote:
    Here's the thing...if it actually is the remnants of the Ark (for real this time) then the evolutionists are going to have a fit.

    jsampsonpc wrote:Secondly, these "Ark Locations" have been used as tourist attractions which bring funding to their locations, such as in Turkey - dunno if this may motivate some deviants to stretch the truth, or not.
    But this location is in Iran...which is probably one of the last places people want to visit right now (except for Scoble I suppose). It will be interesting to see what artifacts/fossils they find in the area in addition to the "structure"--for instance, if they find the remnants of settlements at the foot of the mountains.

    Well if we have Noah's ark popping up in Turkey, Iran, and who knows where next...I'd say we got us a bit of a  redundancy problem Smiley

    I am a devout Christian, and I believe the Noachian deluge took place, but I'm much too skeptical to jump right out at the first timber and claim that my 600+ year old predecessor used to shovel horse crap from these boards Smiley

  • Did They Find the Ark?

    littleguru wrote:
    Agree! How could a ship (completely build with wood!!) survive so long?

    Don't forget the pitch that was used, too Wink Oh, and they apparently claim to have found iron rivets in the local area, too.

    I suppose if a Dinosaur can die, rot, and leave its bones to sit for millions of years, some wood lasting only a few thousand years (in favorable conditions) isn't that big of a hurdle to pass.

  • Did They Find the Ark?

    I actually believe the Noachic story - yet I hesitate to say that this is the Ark that Noah had built. For starters, if the Deluge truly took place, once the waters had subsided, I think Noah would probably find a use for his wood...and not leave it in the Mountains of Ararat to rot - but that's just me.

    Secondly, these "Ark Locations" have been used as tourist attractions which bring funding to their locations, such as in Turkey - dunno if this may motivate some deviants to stretch the truth, or not.

    As for petrification, that can happen in a matter of a few years. There are instances where women have unknowingly carried unborn babies for decades which, once found, were in a petrified form.


    This also has happened with several burials which were 'dug-up' after a few years, the bodies therin found to be petrified due to running water.

    Who knows, we'll see I guess.

  • Worthy .NET podcasts?

    So here I am, slouching in my chair - proper posture is boring - and listening to a podcast of threading, which is actually pretty enjoyable. I'm wondering what other podcasts are out there that I don't know about.

    What do you subscribe to and listen to regularly?

  • The 'Ultimate Keyboard'

    I like where the mouse has come after all these years. It's about time they start getting some new keyboards out there to compliment the 30-button double-swivel highjacked glossy layzer mice that we all have sitting on our desktops Smiley

    I expect to be able to write 100 lines of C# with my mouse by the year 2010 Smiley Tongue-in-cheek.


  • Gettin' a blue badge

    Matthew van Eerde wrote:
    eagle wrote:http://blogs.msdn.com/maurits/

    Darn, I actually clicked that one Smiley

    Me too...

    Matthew, which team will you be working with?

  • Give your feedback on Visual Studio Help and MSDN!

    If I'm not mistaken, you cannot create 'snippets' from the IDE, can you? This would be an excellent feature to any further releases of VS.

    Probably not a ground-breaking contribution, but hey, I think it would be nice!


  • The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift

    Yeh, I actually went and watched The Lakehouse with my wife yesterday and I gotta say, It got me more excited than tokyo's drifts...

  • FireFox div 100% height bug

    OR, you could merely do what so many other designers out there do, and give the impression of a 100% tall column by using a background image on a parent element repeating forever down the y-axis. Then position your "column" content over the established area, and enjoy.