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  • Rob Relyea - There's Something About XAML

    I'm glad I got into this just two weeks ago instead of earlier.  I came in at an exciting time.

    I like how you can extend existing xaml objects and created new ones.

    I was looking for an RSSView button that would tie into the common feeds list that I can set sizing, etc attribs for.   I haven't decided whether to extend an existing object or create a new one, the great thing is I can and it's not difficult.

    Is the IxFeedsManager and IFeedsManager going to change or does it look like it's make it into the final .NET 3.0?

  • Looking at Themes and Skins

    CSS applies to html

    Themes and Skins apply to your .net controls.

    .net has some controls that html doesn't provide.

    It's easier and faster for .net developrs to use themes and skins.

    You can use your skins on the winform or asp.net for the controls in common.  Using only CSS work on the htm.  If you want a common look throughout you can use a theme and apply it to you winform and asp.net.  Making for a consistant look that's easy to maintain.

    You can apply themes to an entire site or directory or for winform application.

    Skins are applied to controls.

    You can have an entire site that has a common theme like MoonBuggy and then apply a skin that looks different to a particular control or group of controls, say Earthlook.

    In CSS if you set the  background in the body to blue then all will have that blue background unless you change it for an element, say table with a white background.

    The body tag is like the theme for the site.  The table however will get a skin with a white background.

    .NET themes and skins can be used online and offline allowing for a consistant look if you have a website and a winforms app you're offering to users.