Juan Pablo Ibáñez

Juan Pablo Ibáñez juanpibanez

Niner since 2012

Interactive Media Designer from Icesi University, Cali - Colombia.


  • Audio Fundamentals

    Hi Dan, I was wondering the following after taking a look at the source code of this example:

    - Why do we need the EnergyCalculatingPassThroughStream class? Is it really necesary for just recongizing single words like "play" or "stop"?

    - In which part of the code do I set the language pack and how do I do it for example for loading the Spanish Mexico one?

  • Working with Depth Data

    @CollaI just solved the "freezing frame" problem, it's a nonesense cause when using the values of the Color class (Color.Red.G, ...B, ...R, for example), the program slows down just like you said, but I just changed the values to numbers and it works perfectly for every player. I also changed the BitmapSource to a WriteableBitmap, and it's working perfectly.

    Try it.

  • Skeletal Tracking Fundamentals

    @Dan: but I go here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/kinectforwindows/Develop/Developer-Downloads.aspx and the SDK is still 1.5, the toolkit is the one that have been updated. I'm getting the same "InvalidOperationException was unhandled This API has returned an exception from an HRESULT: 0x80070015" and don't really know what to do, cause it's related to the SkeletonViewer.

    If I delete that viewer from the mainWindow.xaml, that message doesn't appear (not even at closing the window), but that means that I cannot render the Skeletons on Screen automatically.

    Any ideas? Thanks.