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  • Countdown to PDC09: Developers Go 3D!

    Are they serious? The whole video in "3D"? I never post on forums but I had to sign up just to post how terrible this video is. Yes, I get it, it's in "3D". But, gosh darn it, I left my 3D glasses back in 1985. Doing it for the first minute or so would have been funny, but the whole time? I see someone posted that his eyes hurt after 10 minutes WITH 3D glasses on. My eyes hurt after 10 seconds; and then when she did that kick??!?!!? I had to close the video.

    No, I'm not a troll or a flamer or whatever the popular term is now. I just can't believe that someone promoting a "professional" conference would do something like this. I watched the last video and it was ok, although I am a little confused as to why they are video and not just audio.

    Ok, I'm going to give it another shot...
    00:12 Man, that kick gets funnier every time..."Whaoooo!"
    00:20 "6D"...WTF? (crickets)
    00:35 My eyes hurt already...make it stop, make it stop!
    01:13 Stop jumping into the camera please.
    01:55 Why can't you stand still? Too much coffee today?
    02:11 O!!! A second kick!!! Watching this far was worth it.
    02:15 Yes! Sword action after the kick! This just gets better and better! (pukes in trash can)
    03:20 Font? Thank you SO much for telling me about the PDC font...zzz...
    04:30 Maybe that 3D sword will come out of the screen, slit my wrists, and put me out of my misery.
    05:11 "Never do this again"... I don't even know what to say, even he knows its bad
    06:40 It doesn't look as cool as you think...please stop
    06:49 A THIRD KICK! A THIRD KICK! A THIRD KICK! Everything is better in 3s!  Smiley
    07:45 Just zoom in and only show the guy, or better yet, turn the camera around completely
    08:33 Ok, even you have to know it's getting old by now
    09:00 O, have you been talking about something serious? Am I suppose to be getting something from this video...my bad
    09:52 "Can I just say one thing..." (buzz) THERE IS JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD!

    Wow, now I REALLY want to go to PDC. Please take the camera away from these people.