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  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 1 with Phil Haack and Virtual Scott

    Is that a normal channel9 guy, it looks bigger? But then I wouldn't know how big they are because I've been waiting forever for my 9Guy. I have sent in 2 postcards over the last several years, and still nothing. I have several foam dudes that I have earned by watching webcasts and they are lonely for their fellow superhero 9 guy (The orginal superhero). I don't want to cry but if that is what it takes, please send me one soon.


    Don't want to post email or address so please respond to this post and tell me where to email my address.  Becarefull though I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who wants one.

  • Programming in the Age of Concurrency: The Accelerator Project

    This is pretty cool, it looks like you guys are thinking ahead some.

    I am trobled by how many times charles is the one trying to introduce groups to what other people are working on. It would be great to improve the communcation that should be going on while at the same time cutting down on the e-mail that is overwhelming you all there.

    If you can improve comunication and get all these ideas to work together I see a real future with some of the things that may be possible in the next 10-15 year range. Also if microsoft can learn from it's mistakes and be more agile, have more ctp (customer technology preview) and take the feedback from that maybe microsoft can get it great in the second version instead of the third.
  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    I've heard Bill talk about his Foundation before, it's good he can be more involved with something he is so excited about.

    The light in this video was terible, it made Steve Balmer look like a Skull. I know the lighting on my avatar isn't great either, so I beat you to the comments.
  • Windows Presentation Foundation - Everywhere?

    Had the same problem with the streaming both with the full screen button and the play button on the page. But the download worked ok. It actually stopped for me at about 35:15.

    The clock demo was pretty cool, it even worked in firefox. It was worth trying to view it 3 times.

    Maybe that was it, don't we always say "Third time is the charm"?
  • ARCast - Driving IT from Business

    It's pretty funny that you mention TDD (Test Driven Development) but you didn't Test the links.

    It should be http://www.capgemini.com/ 

    It would also be nice to get links to the actual acticle you mentioned in the ARCast.
  • More About Web Parts with ASP 2.0

    The typos are fine. I've watched a lot of demos and there are two kinds of problems I've seen. An error in the software which gives a bad impression and a person just making a simple mistake. I like watching other people mistakes, it makes me relize I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I sometimes think that I could do just as good or better then them.

    It's really sad though when a simple mistake happens in front of thousands of people and it reflects badly on the software and the company.

    There are a few demos that i've seen where the mistakes are panfull because it is seems extreamly obvious that the person hasn't prepared.

    But some mistakes are just that simple misktakes .... let it go!!!
  • Rob Short (and kernel team) - Going deep inside Windows Vista's kernel architecture

    I've enjoyed most of the Channel 9 Videos. But this one was especially cool.

    It would be really interesting to find out if someone at microsoft is looking at the problem of http://channel9.msdn.com/ctpmadness/ and also that software has to be installed or uninstalled in a specific order or it leaves the system in a bad state. For example I had a hard time getting CSharp Express 2005 Beta 2 off my system. I know it should not be installed on a production machine, yada yada, it's a beta, yada yada. But why must it effect, or should I be so bold as say infect, my system like that?

  • Clipster is here!

     Minh  said:
     The "Fullscreen" button just returns the ASX file associated w/ a video -- which launches the external player. That's never fullscreen by default. You can instantly go fullscreen by double-clicking on the playing video window, BTW.

    Actually you used to be able to go fullscreen by double-clicking on the video in the web page. Now there is some click override going on to play the video so if you double click it goes full screen and the instanly pauses. To get around this *bug* just hit Ctrl+P and it will start playing again.