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  • Mohsen Agsen - C++ Today and Tomorrow

    Firstly thanks for reaching out to the community.  I hope the reach can extend out to the trenches.  Do appreciate the C++ weekly. 

    I wouldn't view response or lack of here as any indication as to the size/strength of the C++ community.  I'm not sure how many really know about this area and still the magazines are all about managed.  I too miss the glory days of VC6.  I hope some effort is spent to exceed the UI performance that was back then.  Can't really use the IDE on a laptop on battery power due to high power consumption.  I'm hopeful vNext can have C++ tooling that actually works.  Have been unable to use (on x64 OS) Sampling Performance analysis on 32-bit (doesn't work).  Instrumentation flat out fails (both 32/64). 

    To answer some questions.  I use C++ is used for application development.  Not simple apps, but real down to the metal powerful applications that are highly responsive and mature.  CPU power is available where it's needed, namely for audio processing/synthesis and the like and not on higher level language interpretation. 

    Having recently coded a fun application in C++, I had ported it to Javascript to run in the browser and essentially consumed a lot more power in the process.  For efficiency and performance it still needs to be C++. 

    Yes there are cases for web applications, etc. where using javascript/html5/etc. are efficient and quick.  Yes we're seeing the trend for simple/basic things that are good on phones/tablets, It makes sense to use the appropriate language for those cases.  Still someone has to code the managers in managed code or interpreted languages Smiley

    Thanks for the opportunity to say this.


  • IE 9: Surfing on the GPU with D2D

    Thanks for the presentation.  Exciting stuff. 


    I've done some digging through the Direct2D code and wanted to do something that's available in GDI+ such as DrawPie, FillPie, DrawArc, etc.  However, I don't find anything comparable to these.  So I tried to do an AddArc with a PathGeometry.  But, that seemed to insist on making a half semicircle, not the pie I was after.  Is there a way to do this?

    (doing AddLine, AddBezier, AddLine comes to mind, but I'd rather not go that route). 


    Thanks for any suggestions!