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  • Countdown to PDC2008: Content be King

    To expereince all that, ask questions to people organizing this / various teams that will be presenting there. Look at the code samples more deeply, take part in their labs, etc.
  • Brian Keller and Dan Fernandez: Name this Show!

    Charles wrote:
    rjdohnert wrote:
    This Week in Tech:  Just kidding.
    I like C9TV

    jeffsand wrote:
    Coffeehouse TV.  Smiley

    This is a show that seeks to be whatever Niners, Dan and Brian evolve it into (there, Sven, one of my Niner platitudes for you). It's a dynamic show that emits its type-ed-ness at runtime.

    So, I'm partial to "Name This Show" as show identifier since that provides for maximum thematic variety. In a real sense, dynamically typed.

    Looking forward to the next episode!

    How about Channel9<T> show? Use generics!
  • Debugging Into the .NET Framework Source Code with Visual Studio 2008


    The link for the zip file is not there.

    - Keeron

  • Shawn Burke : Discussing the Release of .NET Source Code

    NeZz_DK wrote:
    I would however hope you can enable it always loading with the download version that is going to come out.

    I think he meant that (last part of the interview questions). The download of the source code (whichever way they package it) will allow offline use of this as well (the "airplane" example).

    Can't wait to use it (more than that, just looking at the .NET code and learning from that)
  • Mike Nash: Windows Vista Status Report and Announcing SP1 Beta 1

    raymond wrote:
    When are expecting to go RTM or RTW on SP1 for Windows Vista?

    Guessing, SP1 will RTM same time as Longhorn Server (since it's the same codebase, or atleast shared codebase)
  • Mike Nash: Windows Vista Status Report and Announcing SP1 Beta 1

    Thanks Rory!

    For those in Connect, the beta is now online (confusing links but you'll eventually find your English / other language install)


  • Andreas Ulbrich demonstrates the Microsoft Visual Programming Language

    Chadk wrote:
    Seems like a canned version of popfly and workflow. How does this justify that it doesnt seem to bring ALL that much new stuff to the table?

    My thoughts exactly... the only thing I see different is CCR is available and the parallel programming thing (forgot what it was called, but he gave an example when doing the calculation in the end of the demo). This could easily be integrated in WF... known enviornment, programmin model (XAML), WPF and WCF also available..

  • Casey Rayl and Scott McAndrew: Silverlight and Terralever's Zero Gravity

    Not using external keyboard/mouse, but it worked for me.

    - Vista w/ latest updates
    - IBM ThinkPad T60 (using built-in mouse/keyboard)

    Pretty cool game! I also liked the idea of the password Smiley So that we can start the game where we left off (atleast level-wise, not pointwise).

    Seems simple enough, but considering the platform it was built on and future capabilities, it's just amazing!

    Can't wait for you to build the community around this start opening up (level editor, contests, source code!) Smiley

    - Keeron

  • LINQ's relationship to the new C#3 and VB9 features

    Awesome! This was a great way to demonstrate the various C# 3.0/3.5 features and also introduce to LINQ. I've read the blogs and MSDN articles on this, but this was probably the best/quick way to get hands dirty.

    Looking forward to more of these (probably on individual topics, but going a little deeper - like Extensions, anonymous types, query interfaces, etc).
  • Byron Cook: Terminator - Proving Good Things Will Eventually Happen

    Very interesting... (although, would've loved a "deep dive" type of thing where we could get some white boarding / demos).

    Any research paper / samples (even better - existing technologies) on this subject?

  • Open XML SDK CTP Released - What is it?

    From the blogs:

    Use this for feedback.

  • Open XML SDK CTP Released - What is it?

    So what happened to the CodePlex project? I looked at the object model for Word and it's similar to the one they were doing.

    It'd be nice if MS was the only one doing this (considering they are now), so that we don't have different frameworks out there trying to do the same thing.

    Lastly, this is awesome! Like to see some real world examples of this, but I could imagine people easily using this in ASP.NET apps.

    Also, has anyone tried (or planning) to "read" a Word document (or excel, ppt) using these APIs instead of just creating it? Let's say I want to open a word 07 document inside my Application and not use / embed Word activex control. Since it's all XML, can I do it? I know I'll be duplicating a lot of functionality, but if i'ts a document I just created, I probably know how to display it. Maybe as a "preview" or even editable view.

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