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  • Curtis Wong, Roy Gould: The story of the WorldWide Telescope

  • Anand Iyer - Life in the Field, Racism in the Tech Industry, and More...

    Racism sucks.  I know, I've lived in Texas all my life and have seen it over and over.  India certainly isn't the only country the racists have targeted.  Mexico got its share during NAFTA and after.  China has been the brunt of comments for decades, maybe centuries.  I always wonder if it will EVER end.

    Anyone that would make a comment to Anand in a racist manner, doesn't have a clue about him.  Which reminds me, he tagged me...

  • How about a SAN for your music collection?

    digit wrote:
    Maybe interesting, but make it downloadable - not everyone can always be online. You've already a .wmv, so why don't open it for download?


    By the way, all of the screencasts I do now are downloadable from my blog.  The RSS feed for my screencast area is
  • Windows Vista Flip and Flip3D

    Refrax wrote:
    hmmm.... version 5505 RC1? 

    If you are asking if RC1 is 5505, the answer is no.  The RC1 build has not been determined.  5505 was a daily build and is a couple of weeks old now.
  • SQL Server 2005 Trip Wires

    AIM48 wrote:
    Isn't Drop Trigger a ddl event. How did it execute without firing the trigger?

    Permissions of course!!! 

    To drop a DML trigger requires ALTER permission on the table or view on which the trigger is defined.

    To drop a DDL trigger defined with server scope (ON ALL SERVER) requires CONTROL SERVER permission in the server. To drop a DDL trigger defined with database scope (ON DATABASE) requires ALTER ANY DATABASE DDL TRIGGER permission in the current database.

    Be careful with making any changes to this behavior.  I don't want to get a call that someone has painted themselves into a corner. [C]

    A similar DDL trigger example is provided with the AdventureWorks sample database. To obtain the example, find the Database Triggers folder in the SQL Server Management Studio Object Explorer, located under the Programmability folder of the AdventureWorks database. Right-click ddlDatabseTriggerLog and select "Script Database Trigger as". By default, DDL trigger ddlDatabseTriggerLog is disabled.

  • SQL Server 2005 Trip Wires

    matthester wrote:
    This is Fantastic!  Thanks Keith for putting this together.  Trip Wires are great ways to use the triggers.

    No problem.  Looks like we have a nice new vehicle for doing some fun demos.  I plan to do stuff related to work and play, so stick around for the hobby stuff.

    Since I didn't get an xbox360 today, it looks like I'm going to have more time on my hands to cry... [C]