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keith flo keithfl keithfl
  • Connected Show Podcast: Jon Skeet on C# 4.0

    Jon Skeet is my favorite CSharp author ... Csharp in depth is my favorite CSharp book.

    always interesting to hear views!



    PS: for those who havent done so ... check out AskJonSkeet.com

  • C9 Lectures: Dr. Erik Meijer - Functional Programming Fundamentals, Chapter 1 of 13

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Big Smile


    What an awesome idea! ... I'm surprised Eric has time to do this ... but glad he did!!! What a service for the .Net dev community!  I have friends (and me too!) who've bought books about functional programming and have not been able to get through them. This however, is just what is needed!!! FP is obviously a big deal and growing in importance .... mullticore, languages like Scala, FSharp and even CSharp.


    There's a ton of other guest lecturers I would like to hear .... Andrew Kennedy, Simon Peyton Jones, Don Syme ... I'd love to hear Joe Duffy talk about using FP to enable Paralell Extensions for .Net!! The mind boggles ...


    Thanks MS, thanks Charles and thanks Eric!!


    PS: One request ... I havent listened to the recording yet ... however, it would be great if some of the examples were done in FSharp (rather than Haskell) only because quite a few of us are likely to actually use FSharp for work at some point and I doubt many folks are gonna use Haskell for any real work anytime soon ... just my 02 cents.

  • Andrew Kennedy: F# Units of Measure

    Thanks for your reply ... Angel again ... a very interesting feature and a awesome interview!


  • Andrew Kennedy: F# Units of Measure

    Very interesting ...and deep ... another nice interview Charles!


    We've seen Don Syme several times on C9 ... its nice to finally see Andrew Kennedy!


    However ...  the code is completely unreadable!!! Perplexed C'mon cant you guys ever use a larger font? Try 14 please!! Or Just use the new Zoom feature in the VS2010 editor!!


    I'd like to actually see the code!!!