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  • TechDays 2010 Keynote by Anders Hejlsberg: Trends and future directions in programming languages

    I've heard Anders give this talk before .. and Luca Bolognese gave a similar talk at PDC ...

    however ... there are a few new wrinkles here  ...


    • an extensive discussion of DSLs - obvoiusly the team wants to add some sort of support in the language (could this be related to the change in focus of OSLO? (a product that I never understood anyway. If you cant describe a product in a sentence or two something is definately wrong)
    • immutable objects - specifcally ... isolation, purity (side effects) and immutability ... I love that Anders said "We should have better support in the language for immutability" ... clearly they're working on language features to make creating an immutable object dead easy!