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kettch kettch
  • are degrees worth anything ?

    Job Applicant: I am good at <language>

    Translation: I am good at Google


    This is just my opinion as a high school dropout and holder of nothing more than an Associates degree:

    Higher education seems to become focused on education for education's sake, and doesn't have enough focus on practical skills. I'll agree with the need to learn how to learn and the value of knuckling down and working hard for something you want. However, it doesn't always turn out anything useful. We've had some interns who are just starting their CompSci degree, and others who are finishing up. In both cases, they needed a lot of Pluralsight to get to a point where we would let them into the code. In fact, the ones just starting out had less to unlearn and did better overall.

    I feel sorry for these folks. They can probably write a sort algorithm and analyze Shakespeare, but are completely lost in a production codebase.

  • For those of you with > 2 monitors...

    , cheong wrote

    Oh, I misread your problem.

    Why? Dialogs has to be in same screen of course. Just the additional windows need to go to another screen (say the performance monitor and profiler).

    I think, If I want them to be on separate monitors, then I'll move them there. By default, applications should try to keep all of their UI elements together unless the user specifies otherwise.

  • UWP Tutor NEEDED$$$

    , bondsbw wrote

    Have you considered searching for books or online courses such as Pluralsight?

    Between Safari and Pluralsight, that should go a long way. It just depends on how you learn.

  • Outlook replacement?

    @swheaties: Popups? That seems rather unlikely. I've always had ads on the very right, but never popups. Also, do you mean Office 365? If you're getting ads for Outlook 365, then they definitely aren't coming from Microsoft.

  • New Star Trek Movie

    I'm not really a fan of the new ship design in ST:Discovery. It's too harsh and angular. Starfleet vessels have always had a certain aesthetic, but this one reminds me of a saucer grafted onto the rear of D7.

  • New Star Trek Movie

    @Ian2: Wasn't it DS9: Trials and Tribble-ations? That was a great episode.

  • The Windows OOBE is horrible - worse than ever before!

    @figuerres: Thanks for doing the research. Is there an existing feedback item?

  • sling tv on xbox one sucks

    , figuerres wrote

    Tried sling on Xbox, wow is it bad! And checking comments it's bad on other devices as well.

    Sling is still around?

  • Android phone

    , figuerres wrote


    yeah it's a sad story how Microsoft really started a lot of the phone and tablet stuff but now is so much behind in the market.

    surface books are really good but so many folks have iPads .... 

    Sometimes it's fun to ask people what they use their iPads for. Our DBA is 100% Apple at home and has an iPad Pro (large). His biggest use case is remoting into his Mac to do development from his recliner. However, he scoffed when I told him I use my SP4 for development as well. I can sit on my couch and work on an application with VS, VS Code, SQL Server, Redis, and ElasticSearch all running happily.

  • what is the future of the "Cable Company" in the USA?

    , figuerres wrote

    personally I would like to see a local company that only provides the internet connection and has no interest in what services you get over that connection. 

    That's basically what I have now. I give them money, they give me a connection. The big companies have no interest in last-mile service in rural areas, so it tends to be smaller local companies who provide it. I have line of site wireless since it's the only thing that I can get where I'm at.