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kettch kettch
  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    , bondsbw wrote

    @Ray7:  Again, you're not running a phone UI on desktop.  You are adapting the UI to run optimally on phone or a desktop, in the same way that websites often do.

    Continuity and Continuum are completely different concepts.

    It's a much cleaner model. With a little more investment in layout logic, you can have 100% shared code. Otherwise you can have some shared components, but you still have two codebases that you need to keep in sync.

  • Underwater data center

    , vesuvius wrote

    Pretty cool

    That's what they're hoping.

  • One monitor in ​black/white​/grayscale but others in color (on purpose)

    , SimonJ wrote

    ...red and green both look more like a yellow or brown and you can't tell them apart easily.

    I have a friend who can only read traffic lights because of convention (red, yellow, green, top to bottom). This was all well and good until he travelled into a city that put the lights on their side. Fortunately he had a passenger who could read them.

  • So Joe Belfore is using iPhone right now.

    , wkempf wrote

    I have no interest in whether or not you continue using WM, but you do know Joe didn't switch, right? He publicly said, months ago, he'd be using competitor devices while he was on sabbatical for research purposes. The whole non-story about him posting to twitter with an iPhone is just more media FUD and anti-MS mentality.

    Joe made a good point in his explanatory post. You can't sit down with another phone for a few minutes and compare individual features. You have to understand the whole ecosystem. In hindsight, that might be something that the Windows team has lacked. They often build superior individual features, but at the end of the day it doesn't always flow together into a unified experience.

  • WM10 hell.

    @magicalclick: @cheong: The data limit warning is a somewhat common issue in the latest build. I've specifically set the limit (Settings > Network & Wireless > Data usage) and it still has the problem. However, I've had that setting set for a while now, and it only cropped up with one of the latest updates. The phone keeps track of it's own data usage and doesn't rely on any ISP counters. So, there's a bug somewhere in that feature. There are a number of feedback items that would be good to up vote.

  • Does MS test their electronics for off-gassing?

    , androidi wrote

    Looks like some others have found same issue.



    Until I find some other solution, I'll buy a ps2 to usb keyboard converter and use PS2 keyboard.. those should have lower gassing by now or different plastic/paints that aren't as annoying.

    Or worse gasses that you can't smell.

  • Microsoft's revenge for Seattle's Super Bowl loss last year?

    , Ray7 wrote

    Common sense should tell any journalist that if all the tablets fail at once then the problem isn't with the tablets. 

    "Common sense" is boring and doesn't drive clicks.

  • End of support for IE8, 9, 10

    @Vaccano: It works for me.

  • On the subject of Desktop Development

    @bondsbw: It ultimately depends on what kind of app we are talking about. The typical "app" is basically snack sized software. People are generally ok with them requiring an internet connection, and are used to getting a simplified UI and feature set. The app may only get used for a few minutes at a time. If you want more functionality, you usually have to go back to a full web or desktop application.

    There are always going to be tradeoffs. So, projects should always keep an open mind about where the application should run until it becomes obvious which direction the requirements are pointing.

    As an aside, I think Google routes clicks through a redirector anyway.


  • On the subject of Desktop Development

    @sysrpl: When it comes to local resources, that's where it gets tricky. Sometimes you can get 99% of the way there, but then hit the wall with some seemingly innocent requirement.

    We have have been working on a web application that requires certain users have a cash drawer. The solution was a system tray app that has the necessary local drivers and communicates with the web app via SignalR. That way the web app can open the drawer, and also audit if the drawer is opened via a hard key. So far it's working very well, and we're planning on keeping the idea around for other uses in the future.