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kettch kettch
  • Chrome OS to get Android apps via the magic of containers

    @TheTraveler: From what I understand, it's a lot easier to emulate ARM on x86, but not so much to go the other way.

  • a thread with no name ??

    Does the Contact Us form still work, or is it just a placebo?

  • Microsoft Edge browser problem fixed

    , Proton2 wrote

    I just updated the firmware of my router and it seems to have fixed the problem I have been having of accessing a web page that kept crashing on Edge.

    I saw in the list of changes / fixes mention of a Windows 10 Edge fix.

    What was the router doing? It's job is to route packets. It shouldn't be opinionated about the contents.

  • OneDrive problems

    , Craig_​Matthews wrote


    Isn't that really the same argument Raymond Chen made though for why in early builds in Vista, they couldn't resolve the user's full name on the breadcrumb bar EVER because there was the possibility that the laptop would not be on the network and would cause Explorer to hang?

    Doesn't this objection really disappear with:

    if (Internet.Connected){ do the thing }else{ dont do the thing }endif


    ( ) "Delay Shutdown Until Files are Synced (Only when Internet is available)"



    What if the internet is available, but is very slow? What if the internet is available, but the host at the other end isn't? What if there's an error that causes the upload to repeatedly restart? What if...?

    If you could guarantee that a shutdown would be delayed for a few seconds, or maybe a minute, I'd be fine with it. Otherwise, the reason I shutdown was so that my device will be available at the other end. You can finish the sync when I turn it back on.


  • OneDrive problems

    , magicalclick wrote

    It doesn't even take much to implement as well.

    It's wrong on so many levels. Every time someone says this, I cringe. In software, there are no easy changes. The larger your customer base, the larger the magnitude of each change. At the scale Microsoft works at, the work needed to describe how to ensure a "simple" feature gets released is represented by a 5 dimensional matrix and involves low level modifications to space-time.

    For such simple improvement, casual users can have their own peace of mind.

    Again, not simple. It's a downright dangerous feature that would cause far more frustration than it relieves.

    This kind of dismissive culture does not improve the product.

    The Coffeehouse might get nasty now and then, but there are a lot of bright people here who have a great deal of combined experience. No one is being dismissive. Being dismissive would mean that no one even cares what the use case is. However, everyone here keenly understands the need to keep code safe. In most cases source control is freely available and can be used in very simple scenarios with minimal overhead.

  • Real Programmers write their own tools ... ?

    Our build server can't see the internet to restore NuGet packages, and we can only do firewall rules by IP. So, when NuGet switched over to using a more distributed server farm, things broke. So, now we have an internal instance of NuGet.Server. The developers add packages in VS, and then a PowerShell script that I wrote compares the local NuGet instance with the list of packages currently in the solution and copies any new ones to the NuGet server where TFS can get to them. The script is available through the package manager console and also runs as a build step. It's installed and configured by way of, naturally, a NuGet package.

  • I finally understand WM is not WP

    , figuerres wrote



    actually if you look back at the history of windows and the "Mobile / PDA / PHONE" variations

    Windows Mobile has always been a variation of the Main Windows Core   with special features added, the first ones were called Windows CE 

    from that they build Windows PDA versions and then Phone versions and in many builds the Phone build was based on the PDA build which was based on a CE core build.

    the new trend is to drop the "CE" build as the mobile hardware has advanced so close to desktop and laptop capabilities.

    So yeah it's all WIndows with some extra bits here and there.

    AFAIK CE was an entirely different operating system with a different kernel. WM <=6.5 through WP 7.x ran on CE. WP8.x dropped the CE kernel in favor of minwin with a lot of custom WP stuff piled on top. WM10 aligns much more of the OS and has a lot of shared code.

    Windows 10 is the first version where you can really say "It's all just Windows". The differences between the various 10 flavors seems to be accomplished through a lot of investment in modularization.

  • Project Centennial: is Microsoft giving up on UWP already?

    @Bmcmcm: There's no conspiracy here. Centennial is exactly what it's being described as. A way to wrap traditionally installed apps in a different install container. I'm not sure what the problem is here.

  • Surface phone

    , RealBboy360 wrote

    @Proton2:So that suggests a big price difference.  Low end lumia and $800 surface phone, maybe they're thinking more business users

    They've specified that they are aiming for three phone models: Consumer, Business, and Enthusiast. Low end actually seems to be left out.

    , RealBboy360 wrote


    Wireless continnum type of thing.  That's possible

    The future is now! Continuum works just fine wirelessly using Miracast and Bluetooth.



  • Project Centennial: is Microsoft giving up on UWP already?

    I need to get some time to play with this. If porting the installers is as simple as the few examples they've shown, it makes me wonder about the implications for enterprise deployment of third party apps without that vendor needing to be involved.