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kettch kettch
  • Bill Gates sure that Google Glass will be successful

    , blowdart wrote

    Meh, even Scoble is ashamed/embarassed to wear his glass these days.

    But not too embarrassed to be at a Skrillex performance? :P


  • do you think there is any new Lumia model for AT&T?

    , magicalclick wrote

    Ok. So, let me know what you switch to. It would be worth considering for myself as well.

    At the moment, I'm looking at Aio Wireless. They're a collaboration between AT&T and Cricket and they're in the process of being folded into Cricket. Although, I'm not sure of the details. I'm torn between jumping right in to get the good deals now or hanging back to see what happens to the plans. Strictly speaking Aio behaves more like a post-paid plan, but it's still a hell of a lot cheaper and suits my purposes.

  • do you think there is any new Lumia model for AT&T?

    , magicalclick wrote


    Why pre-paid? You got ripped off for calling 1-800 numbers?

    I've just decided that I'm tired of giving the carriers so much of my money. I'm not broke, I just like to save money on certain things so that I can have more resources for fun stuff.

  • do you think there is any new Lumia model for AT&T?

    , magicalclick wrote

    Why not switch to that ATT family plan? If you must have 4 people, just get two more free phones and two numbers. It cost the same anyway. Or get a Phablet while you are at it.

    Also if you are going very cheap, might as well go MetroPC. Getting an ATT plan without the big phone discount is a waste.

    Nope, I am on a family share plan and it's still hideously expensive. Even giving you a free or cheap phone, they still make a whole lot of money. My back-of-the-napkin math says that with moving to our new plan, we'll be saving almost $2300 over two years. I can buy two new phones at retail cost almost every year and break even. Or, I can stick to the same ~2 year cycle and come out way ahead.

    Obviously YMMV, check local listings, but I think most people are just paying their carriers lots of money every month without thinking about what they are paying for vs. what they are using.

  • do you think there is any new Lumia model for AT&T?

    , magicalclick wrote


    Unlock phone is expensive.

    I've been hunting around for options for reducing my phone bill. Currently, my wife and I pay AT&T $175 for the two of us. We're currently working on switching over to prepaid that's slightly throttled at 8 Mb (not that we get much more than that around here, even on LTE) for $80 for the two of us. That's more than enough savings to pay for any new phones even with a faster replacement cadence.

  • Did your Surface pen get lost yet?

    Unless a pen is tethered, you're bound to lose it at some point. I broke the clip off of one because it was clipped to the case for transport and got caught on something.

  • Did your Surface screen crack?

    , Proton2 wrote

    I have dropped mine once or twice with no damage resulting. It probably depends on how it hits the ground. For example if a corner hits, there will be concentrated energy that may be enough to crack the screen. Hitting the ground flat may cause a compressed cushion of air to help absorb the energy.

    My device was knocked over from sitting on a tall unfinished speaker that I keep around which makes for a good stand beside my zone of comfortable stretched out relaxing... my bed, and I forgot it was there.

    I did drop my Windows Phone recently and it split in half. Fortunately its the HTC Surround and it is designed to split apart and reveal speakers. So I just pushed it back together, no damage. Great shock absorber design.

    My wife dropped her Surface RT on it's corner...on concrete...on a piece of gravel. Initially it just seemed like it crumpled the corner a little bit. A couple of months later there was a small band of screen that started to lose touch sensitivity. We ended up needing to replace it at that point.

  • So is SQL Server 2014 in memory Hekaton gonna crush nosql?

    , Bass wrote

    It's funny though, even websites (like Channel 9!) who have SQL backends will regularly just drop posts when their DB is overloaded. I get some random exception, and bam, my post don't go through and if I hit back: it's gone. This happens on so many websites. Who gives a * if the database is "durable" when the website crashes while you are trying to use it, losing your state anyways?

    I suppose you have insider information about why websites such as Channel9 throw errors?

    NoSQL and Relational data both have their uses, but neither is a magic hammer. To only use a single approach is incredibly naïve.

  • Win Phone 8.1 beef.

    , magicalclick wrote

    Anyone know why is Background Tasks setting is removed? Like is the multi-threading model changed?

    It's been moved to Battery Sense.

  • Windows Phone 8.1 - Wireless "Project my Screen"

    , Ian2 wrote

    I have the latest firmware update that gives you WP8.1 under the developer preview - but I guess we need to wait for the final release? 

    The update come in two parts. The OS update came from the developer preview, but you'll have to wait for Nokia's update which will contain the drivers that allow the feature to work.