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kettch kettch
  • When developing a larger website do you start with the UI or the database?


    Short answer: Yes

    Long answer: Maybe

    Longer answer Sometimes

    Most accurate answer: It depends

    Starting with requirements, the question would be, do you need to pursue an agile development cycle? In agile, you will be looking to produce a minimum marketable unit with each sprint. With classic waterfall, you're more likely to want to have everything spec'ed out up front.

    Either way, with solid requirements, many things can be done in parallel. Designers can start mocking up views. Front-end developers can start stubbing out pages, navigation, security, etc. Back-end developers can start building data structures and stubbing out services.

    With fewer staff, you may have to pick where you start based on the needs of the project. Personally, when I'm doing full-stack development I tend to pick vertical slices of the application and take multiple passes at layering in functionality. Generally I start at the bottom since you can't really get the views working properly until the foundation is in place. Even then, you can start with empty services so you can at least know the pieces are talking to each other. That can all change depending on reasons.

  • Windows 10 Enterprise Fall update not showing up in Windows Update

    , spivonious wrote

    @blowdart: I'm jealous. We're still on Windows 7, and our IT guys haven't even started evaluating Windows 10.

    We all had to do a double take when our desktop guys said that they were testing Windows 10 for rollout in the spring (especially after we stayed on XP until the last possible minute). Of course, their "gold" desktop image is based on RTM and continues our practice of only buying individual Pro licenses. This coupled with continuing to ignore proper management tools in favor of WinBatch scripts and registry hacks really tempers the excitement.

  • why do win10 updates wipe my This PC URL history

    @Sven Groot: Probably because Edge isn't in their gigantic browser detection regex. :@

  • October 6th ​Announcemen​ts

    @MasterPi: There's also some crazy compression magic that starts to happen as the memory manager starts to feel pressure. So, effectively, you'll feel you're close to the edge, but you still have enough for more applications than you think.

    I have 16GB at work and home, and I regularly feel like I need more at work with Windows 7, but not as much at home with Windows 10. However, if I add a VM with 8GB of memory, then things start to get tight.

  • October 6th ​Announcemen​ts

    @TexasToast: Windows 10 has an Android subsystem that can, in cases where there are no dependencies on Google services, natively run APKs that are sideloaded. The best scenario is if the developer does do a recompile with some Windows specific extensions.

  • Surface Pro 4 Type Cover improvements

    @cbae: Good call!

  • October 6th ​Announcemen​ts

    I'd like to see some battery life specs for the Surface Book when it's not docked to the base. That and a TypeCover that fits it.

  • netflix on win10?

    Is it just me, or did they reduce the amount of time between episodes? I'm sure it used to be 20 seconds, and now it's 15. It's genius, evil, but genius.

  • Outlook 2016 - Still not able to render HTML emails

    , ZippyV wrote


    Word should not be "fixed" to support HTML better, they should just switch to Edge and be done with it. There is reason to keep Word around, not even when editing an email because: it's still HTML.

    In that case, they need to figure out how to turn EdgeHTML into an editor, which as TheTraveler pointed out, is much different than fast and efficient rendering. It may not even be possible in EdgeHTML without introducing the kind of bloat that killed IE, or forking it altogether and opening up to other kinds of issues in the future.

  • LOLz my Lumia 1520.

    @RealBboy360: Sorry, I realized I posted too soon. I've updated my original with some more details.