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kettch kettch
  • IT bricking IE

    , magicalclick wrote

    *snip*or I can just install FF and use FF without putting on my tinfoil hat instigate possible cause related to IT  GOP setup. Because hey, IE could be indeed crap like everyone thinks. Why should I be a sore loser unwilling to accept IE is crap?

    This is a bad way of doing things. Eventually something is going to go wrong with this setup, and everyone will have documented evidence of the developers deliberately working around IT security policies (stupid as they may be) and there will be firings all around for violating company policy.

    At this point, the most reasonable course of action is just to go talk to them and work something out.


  • IT bricking IE

    The real question, is why hasn't the development team met with IT and gotten exceptions made so that they can get some work done?

    In many cases, working around policies can do more harm than good.

  • ASPNET Identity / OpenID Connect / OAuth - what a mess!

    FWIW, I forgot dotnetconf was going on. I'm going to see if I can get this thread addressed during Q&A for a couple of the sessions.

  • ASPNET Identity / OpenID Connect / OAuth - what a mess!

    @Vesuvius: I work on internal LOB apps for the most part, and simple Windows Authentication has become more difficult than it needs to be.

  • ASPNET Identity / OpenID Connect / OAuth - what a mess!


    Yep. That's been my experience. They've built many of the pieces, but the big thing lacking is the OWIN middleware that you need in order to glue it all together. I've started to try and get it working a couple of times, but I always run out of steam. The ASP.NET documentation is pretty sparse on the subject.


  • UWP slow startup times

    @wkempf: I've noticed that some apps on Android tend to start "instantly", at the expense of being able to do anything useful for an extra second after it loads up.

  • Chrome OS to get Android apps via the magic of containers

    @TheTraveler: From what I understand, it's a lot easier to emulate ARM on x86, but not so much to go the other way.

  • a thread with no name ??

    Does the Contact Us form still work, or is it just a placebo?

  • Microsoft Edge browser problem fixed

    , Proton2 wrote

    I just updated the firmware of my router and it seems to have fixed the problem I have been having of accessing a web page that kept crashing on Edge.

    I saw in the list of changes / fixes mention of a Windows 10 Edge fix.

    What was the router doing? It's job is to route packets. It shouldn't be opinionated about the contents.

  • OneDrive problems

    , Craig_​Matthews wrote


    Isn't that really the same argument Raymond Chen made though for why in early builds in Vista, they couldn't resolve the user's full name on the breadcrumb bar EVER because there was the possibility that the laptop would not be on the network and would cause Explorer to hang?

    Doesn't this objection really disappear with:

    if (Internet.Connected){ do the thing }else{ dont do the thing }endif


    ( ) "Delay Shutdown Until Files are Synced (Only when Internet is available)"



    What if the internet is available, but is very slow? What if the internet is available, but the host at the other end isn't? What if there's an error that causes the upload to repeatedly restart? What if...?

    If you could guarantee that a shutdown would be delayed for a few seconds, or maybe a minute, I'd be fine with it. Otherwise, the reason I shutdown was so that my device will be available at the other end. You can finish the sync when I turn it back on.