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kettch kettch
  • GB game patches.

    @magicalclick: That's not what I said.

    There are 1001 things that can go wrong with textures. There are also tens of thousands of textures at multiple resolutions. A glitch in one could mean repacking an entire resource file to get the load order and compression right. Combine that with code bugs and other issues mentioned in this thread, and you end up getting large very quickly.

  • GB game patches.

    , magicalclick wrote

    You mean as part of Day One 3GB patch? Well.... They sure are fast.


    I was replying in the context of Bas' comment about games that have had textures updated a few years down the road. Sometimes it's done by the studio, and sometimes it's done by fans of the game.

    That isn't to say that companies don't knowingly send broken games to manufacturing, and then spend the lag time between manufacturing and release creating a day-one patch.

  • GB game patches.

    , Bas wrote



    That's exactly what some of them did.

    Indeed. There are a number of games that have had fan-made texture updates.

  • A new Crockford talk

    @Dr Herbie: I just realized it's been quite a while since I've seen a Raymond thread. :)

  • GB game patches.

    , figuerres wrote


    spend some time with a 3d game engine building a level and then you will get it....

    models , level maps, textures, sound, light maps, mipmaps, animations, shaders, decals, and also level programming. gobs and gobs of stuff......

    All of that, then separate copies optimized for various resolutions, levels of detail, and settings combinations. Frankly, I'm amazed that some games are as small as they are.

  • Did someone here order a binary byecode for the web?

    , cheong wrote

    I don't think the web will be the only real platform. There'll always be applications (3D graphics, games, etc.) that wish to use platform that's closer to bare metal.

    But yes, there's a lot of business winform applications moving to web.

    In the interests of "cross platform" you always have to write to the lowest common denominator. If you want to take advantage of performance and platform specific features, you will always need some kind of native application. Although, UWP's ability to "upgrade" a web application to a native app is pretty cool.

  • Copyright infringement in Windows Store

    , magicalclick wrote

    And it is really not an issue when the IP owner doesn't care.

    That presupposes that the IP owner is aware of the issue.

  • Cortana sounds better than E3 speakers.

    @magicalclick: There is no training that advocates that manner of speech. It's actually a natural consequence of inadequate training.

  • Cortana sounds better than E3 speakers.

    @bondsbw: Something else that makes it difficult is if you need to work with a camera. With a normal audience, you can focus in on individuals and speak to them instead of speaking to the group. It's really hard to focus on the camera instead of making individual contact with people.

  • Cortana sounds better than E3 speakers.

    Public speaking is hard. Also, most of them were working from teleprompters. Combine reading, speaking, and trying not to soil yourself, and you generally get a stilted delivery.