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kettch kettch
  • Things to say to Cortana

    , MasterPi wrote


    Seriously? You have a high expectation of modern AI... If anything, the answer wouldn't be a "true opinion" but just an amalgamation of responses on the internet.

    Also, I don't want my digital assistant to have opinions, I want her to do her job. If I want to have conversations, I'll talk to a real person.

  • Bill Gates sure that Google Glass will be successful

    I'd bet that there are some Microsoft employees who don't come here because whenever they show their faces, there are any number of trolls and vitriolic people who lambaste them for everything from BOB to the Start button as if they were personally responsible. (All in the name of presenting differing opinions and a more balanced point of view, of course.)

  • Win Phone 8.1 beef.

    I haven't noticed any issues aside from the occasional glitch when launching some apps. However, some of this may be because we have the OS update, but not the Nokia firmware update. There could be driver issues involved.

  • Win Phone 8.1 beef.

    , Sven Groot wrote


    On the plus side, Music is now a regular app in the store so it can receive more frequent updates (previously it was built in so could only be updated when the OS was updated).

    I'd have figured that this would be something positive for developers. It shows that Microsoft has enough trust in the developer API's to rely fully on them instead of OS-level secret sauce.

  • Microsoft should open-source Windows XP

    , evildictait​or wrote

    If you want an Open Source Windows XP, why not just use ReactOS?

    Open Sourcing Windows XP would be a disaster from a user-security point of view. By encouraging users to apply band-aids to an OS that doesn't even have ASLR, and where most processes run as Administrator by default, it would merely be encouraging users to stick with an OS that has long since fallen behind Industry basic practice for security.

    But open source is the magic sauce that would fix all of that. You want ASLR, implement it yourself. You want LUA? Implement it yourself. You want to waste millions monkeypatching ancient technology? Do it all yourself.

  • IE6 hate is misdirected

    @blowdart: I love how they throw around the word "Standard", but it's always accompanied by words such as "Draft", "Proposal", or "Preliminary". Translation: We just made this up, but it's ok because we tossed all of our notes in the general direction of the W3C.

  • Controlling bandwith on wireless AP

    Many routers include Quality of Service (QoS) features that allow you to prioritize the traffic from a specific IP above others on the network.

  • You must pay $100 to deploy your own software in Windows

    , blowdart wrote

    Stay off the personal attacks or I will start putting people in the naughty corner.

    I apologize.

  • You must pay $100 to deploy your own software in Windows

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    I don't have to. You're reading into this what you want. Your word bending powers are only working in your mind and not in reality. Let's see what happens when I try:

    "users don't need antivirus or training" or "desktop is still important", pick one.

    Hey that's a pretty neat trick when you throw out context! :)

    You rarely provide enough context for your rants to be able to figure out what you are talking about. Exactly what shade of green ink do you want the red lines drawn with? You have a lot of hate, but not very many constructive suggestions. If you care to clarify what you mean, then I'll be happy to reply.


    How much protection do people need? Are you going to hold my hand when I walk across the street in the "free" crosswalk? Hell that's not even a fair comparison because there's nothing a user needs to do to enable using the "free" crosswalk.

    Have you seen what these sites are doing to people these days? They are there under the guise of providing a service to both users and developers, however, they are full of misleading ads and in the last couple of years have started re-wrapping installers with their own custom malware without developer consent. That's just the reputable ones like CNet, imagine what the rest of them are doing.


    How many people are using these alternative app stores? Good question. How about you find the answer rather than using the question as FUD.

    Not worth my time, you'd just ignore it anyway.

    And Jailbreak? Who said anything about that? Are you suggesting that businesses are paying $100 to jailbreak their devices in order to sideload? We're talking about a setting that users would have to change in order to sideload, not jailbreak.

    It's a jailbreak. Whether it comes as part of custom software exploits, or a checkbox, the end result is the same.

    Sounds like more of the same hyperbole from ketch.

    Coming from the master, that's quite a compliment.

  • You must pay $100 to deploy your own software in Windows

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    We're not back to the same old problem. "Dancing bunnies" only take over if people are willing to take the risk in enabling side-loading on their device. The user has to throw the switch. A web site can't do it for them. Sounds like a whole lot of FUD to me.


    DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    If Microsoft allowed for side-loading indiscriminately I would imagine there would be other marketplaces that would open up.

    "Indiscriminate" or "throw a switch to enable", pick one.

    If that were the case they'd ship a version of Windows 8 Pro with no desktop at all -- you know for folks like you who fear users would install "dancing bunnies" like apps.

    That makes no sense. Are you completely disregarding the innumerable "free downloads" sites that are out there? All of a sudden users don't need antivirus or training to avoid problems? Anyway, the desktop is still important and will be around in some form or another for a very long time.

    There are a couple of alternative app stores for jailbroken iOS and Android devices. Do they get used by a statistically significant number of people, or are they popular with enthusiasts only? If you convince my Grandma that she needs to jailbreak her iPad in order to install your particular brand of dancing bunnies app, I will hunt you down. However, if I (as an enthusiast and technical user) decide that I'm going to jailbreak my own device to enhance my bunny viewing experience, then that is my risk to take.