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  • Bill Hill: Homo sapiens 1.0 - The world's most important operating system

    i'm normally a unix/linux app developer. over the past 6 months i've had to code up a windows app for a client. yeech. i can't express the pain.

    but that said i wandered over here to see what this would be like when i saw it posted on /.. first the page aligns too far to the left - i can't see a lot of the left side of the page. the first post contains an element that requires a plugin. it looks like it's a video (which i can probably play with mplayer if i wanted to waste my limited bandwidth on it). and finally it seems to want a wider screen then i have since i have to scroll to the right to see all the page.

    i have a screenshot here: in case the web design team would like to fig it. i'm using galeon as my web browser. and they can email me at if they'd like feedback on any changes they make - you'll need to reply to the challenge email if you've never mailed me before.

    and speaking of email... you folks at ms have to fix your mail clients. i've use vms mail, elm, pine, emacs rmail, mh and now i use mutt. all of these have provided me with a wealth of tools for managing my mail but have *not* had this virus/worm issue. quit allowing users to execute random crap they get from the net. it's so freakin simple. sheesh.