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  • Shankar Vaidyanathan - VC++ IDE: Past, Present and Future

    Well... I don't mean that I hate VS2005. I know there are really a lot of improvements and exciting features...but anyway, i think for pure c++ programmers, that's really a difficult choice, to be pure c++ or CLI, I even don't know whether it's worthy to learn C++/CLI, how long will it last for? Just like managed c++?? Who knows.

  • Shankar Vaidyanathan - VC++ IDE: Past, Present and Future

    Tell me the reason that why c++ programmers should move from 2003 to 2005? As a matter of fact, there are still few people use VS 2005 or write C++/CLI code...So, I prefer VS 2003 or VS6...that's my choice.

  • Windows Live Messenger - What. How. Why.

    Great video!!! Thanks, you guys!

    I prefer WLM than Windows Messenger, case  it's really cool. The UI is neat and pretty cool! Keep it up, guys!

    Besides the protocol, such as P2P or Messenge Services, I want to know the following parts:

    1.Show us more background and mechanism of the Share Folders.
    2.When will you guys support secure chat? E.g. encrypt/decrypt all outgoing/incomming messages?
    3. Why not support P2P remote assistance?

    Anyway, I love this video!