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  • Ade Miller and Patterns of Parallel Programming

    Excellent video, nicely explained.. good job guys Smiley


    It was mentioned briefly that parallelism could help data retrieval. Will namespaces (such as System.Data.Sql) be taking advantage of it in the near future? Or will this always be a "practice" that should be implemented.


    I love to think of where this is taking us in terms of computing. Lynne Hill similarly expressed that computers will be "doing things" for us without us knowing. This is exciting but whilst we ansiouxly wait how will parallelism be beneficial for web applications?

  • Kim Hamilton and Wes Dyer: Inside .NET Rx and ​IObservable/​IObserver in the BCL (VS 2010)

    Interesting stuff, yet another reason to look forward to the RTM release!

    Out of curiosity, like you mentioned developers tend to use IEnumerable over arrays, do you think developers will have the tendancy to use this over events in C# .NET? Will any of the controls we use today be extended with IObservable implementations?