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  • Keynote

    Having an option to upgrade Silverlight 4/5 projects to "lets say Silverlight X" that upgrade the Silverlight XAML to "Xamarin Forms / XAML Standard" and on building the project target the web assembly would be much appreciated!

    And deliver it asap :)

  • Omar Shahine - Windows Live Mail

    Give us option to "Select all"; so that we can unselect some from "all" and move/delete the selected one; this is pretty easier when you need to keep say 2 items out of 10; instead of CTRL+Selecting 8

  • Martin Taylor and Bill Hilf - Linux at Microsoft, Part I

    Can we have streams of low bit-rates?
    Internet connectivity is still expensive in our region (Pakistan)

    Streams being published last months of 110kbps streams were fine!