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  • Steve Lombardi - New photography on Virtual Earth

    WOW, didn't watch the video yet, but the visuals from virtual earth are amazing. I like the pushpin feature too and mapping, very cool - and i like the way you did the printing, i was wondering about that with the map and all. 

    One thing that I did notice which is missing, although I have since started using this over google maps -- is the back button.  There is no way to bounce to a prior search (unless you push pin everything). 

    Is there any way that can be fixed for a future version?

  • Singularity Revisited

    scarz wrote:
    Thanks for doing these interviews guys, I am really enjoying them. As a CS student I haven’t gotten to learn much about where we are going with future OS’s, only where we've been. This work is extremely intriguing and makes me confident I'm in the right field (I mean come on - an OS research project has me excited). I can't wait to see part 3 of the video. My hopes for this project would be to push it as the successor to Vista. Cut the cord with legacy systems once and for all. With the new Intel and AMD virtualization technology coming out we can do some awesome stuff with virtualization, so why not run all our legacy apps (dos, 95, 98, XP, etc.) in a Virtual PC under Singularity. It seems to me that the transitioning from Vista to something as drastic as Singularity would not be as hard as in the past with this kind of technology. Most of the important applications would be rewritten in safe code within a few years, and anything not worth rewriting can just be run under the virtual machine. Anyways I know that’s not the point of the project I just hope people see the value in the system your building. Keep it up guys; I’ll be following your work.

    Since its still a reserch project, you probably have a few years before its production ready Smiley Even then, I'd think if it does eventually make it somewhere, it would first need to start in an area where the software can be controlled: Embedded, xbox, and maybe later pocket software.  After it gains traction and vs2010 provides building things natively, maybe we'll see something. But I find it unlikely it would be on the desktop within the immediate future with MS's committment to backwards support without having a whole native API programming model on top of singularity.

  • Omar Shahine and team - New Hotmail ​"​Kahuna"

    By session what are you referring to? Using a server session would kill you for the hotmail load, but I didn't think the client session would be large enough to hold the user's contacts (some people have a LOT of contacts).
  • MSN Virtual Earth Team - Virtual Earth Ships

    It's called competition. Last I heard, that was allowed in this country.  Do you expect everyone else to just stand still while Google spanks them?
  • MSN Virtual Earth Team - Virtual Earth Ships

    I like the way the search follows as you move around the map. That was one thing that bugged me about google maps a while back. One thing about the virtual earth which would be nice is if I search for something in an area and find no results, it would be nice if it wouldn't bump my other searches (which had results) off of the list.

    And although the searches may be 'more accurate' like in the buca example, it seems for general terms, there is a lot of filtering and it is hard to find things.

    Example: Pet Groomer in Renton, WA,-122.216377&spn=0.148122,0.286039&t=k&near=Renton,+WA&num=10&start=0&hl=en|-122.205015&style=r&lvl=12&sp=adr.17821%20152nd%20Pl%20SE%2C%20Renton%2C%20WA%2098058&v=1

    I tried a few other general terms and seemed to reach the same results.

    I'm kind of glad you didn't waste time with driving directions in 1.0. I think the google driving directions are weak. The tech is cool, but actually printing and then following is ugly and I still use yahoo maps for that (although I do use the maps to print out a nice big view of my endpoint so that I do not get lost on the little streets) Plus, it never remembers anything (scratch pad is cool) and the highlights do not print.

    Nice work for a first revision though! After you fix the tiling issues which seem to be there today (probably due to load), I can see myself starting to use this tool since you seemed to look at google, addressed the shortcomings, and rolled out a more useful product.

  • Windows, Part IV - Dave Probert

    I was under the impression from this video that .Net will become something along the same level as the win32api.  Does that mean that .Net will be using the NTDLL function calls directly? I thought that currently it uses the win32 apis to do what it does.

  • Gabriel Torok - Protecting .NET applications through obfuscation

    OK. I re-read my post and I was a bit unclear. I meant debugging an issue from a user. The situationwould be f an end-user is running the app and it blows up - they would be running the obfuscated one.  How would you translate an error at end-user runtime into something you can work with back in the development area?

  • Gabriel Torok - Protecting .NET applications through obfuscation

    This is interesting, but how does one go about debugging an application which is dotfuscated? I am used to internal apps where we can look at a call stack, list of 30 recent functions and runtime comments for our apps. 

    What is needed to provide a level of error information when the function names and strings are unreadable?