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Niner since 2005

Kishore is presently working as a software architect and lives near Washington DC. He started QBASIC programming in 8th grade followed by Fortran 77. Graduated from Bangalore University with a Mechanical Engineering degree and immediately landed in a job working as a programmer in the Robots & CNC Machine Software division. He pretty much taught himself C, C++, Windows, MFC, COM, COM+, App Centre 2000, VB.NET, C#.NET, WCF, .NET CF, Windows Mobile, Database programming etc. But in 2002, he left the nest to strike out on his own and build Swethark Technologies, a development company he co-founded along with friends from India & UK, with offices in India and USA. Swethark flagship product is Biometric software for automated attendance using image recognition from incoming video stream, followed by many other customized products developed for US, UK and India customers. He worked as a technical consultant in software industry during this period. Kishore joined GE as a Technology Lead at GE