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I have been as a Systems Engineer/systems Analyst/Project Manager/Programmer for about 7 years. I am originally from India. moved here about 4 years back. I worked mostly on C/C++/Visual C++/ATL/COM/DCOM & other stuff..too many to list :-). so i just listed what i like to do.


  • Scott Field: How secure is Vista, really? - Part I

    I went through the video for 20 minutes. Scott field is talking sooo sloww..he reminded me of the guy from the movie "office space". the way he says yeahhhh....("About the TPS report..."). its making me fall asleep. Have to get back to this later Big Smile

  • Sean Alexander (and others) - Windows Vista Sidebar and Gadgets

    How come the demo person always gets the credit? ...where is the guy who actually developed those gadgets...???....Program guys are "Credit stealer's" Smiley....Developers rockkk...and i think they should part of the videos...toooo
  • Larry Hryb - First look at Xbox 360 (with the MVPs)

    Well....let me put it this (or) you guys at channel 9 can help enthusiastic developers ( like me Smiley. still didnt get much chance to look into it)  on how to become an XBOX developer by showing them resources on how to become one.

    rather than just showcasing XBOX console....may be you guys can ask questions like ...."How can any developer be a part of this?."...
    How can a developer sit on that "MVP" chair???...etcc..etcc...i am sure larry can come up with more Developer oriented questions...can heee ???Smiley...

    "I thought you guys are all about DEVELOPERS!!!"

    and by the way how do i change my display name from "kishoret"....dont like my username to be my display name.
  • Larry Hryb - First look at Xbox 360 (with the MVPs)

    yeayyyy this is my first channel 9 .. I am happy i started with XBOX...Larryyy...You should have asked them how developers can help games and stuff...I really dont just like to watch ....but want to be a part of it....

    Do you know a way how a developer can be part of these sucks on that part.Embarassed