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kitron kitron
  • UWP slow startup times

    @cheong: It might not be slow but it is not instant as it is on the nexus 6p in this case. I can still see the splash screen.  I do know about the new back button behavior. I close the apps from task switching for the purpose of testing load times.  Maybe the transitions in wm10 need to be sped up. It definitely feels more sluggish than android which did not used to be the case in the past.

  • UWP slow startup times

    Does anyone know why UWP startup so slow in general. Even simple apps like Calculator display a splash screen.  In the past couple of days I have been comparing a Nexus 6P with lumia 950XL and noticed the big gap in performance. The hardware is very similar in perf (cpu, ram, etc)  so that should not be.  I can definitely say that UWP is need of perf optimization. Does anyone have any idea if this is being looked at or whats going on.



  • HP Takes a hit on WebOS

    @magicalclick: Thats true, this is mostly Microsoft's fault.  What option did HP have other than buy their own tablet os or use Android?  iPad was released 18 months ago and there is no response from MS yet.

  • WP7 Nodo - can copy.... um, how do I paste?!

    Once you copied something a small icon should appear at the top of the keyboard(on the same line with suggested words).  To paste same content multiple times swipe to the left on the suggested words line and the paste icon should reappear.

  • WP7 update bricking some phones ?

    How does this even happen. We only have a couple of handsets and you would think Microsoft would test on all firmware configurations.

    The only reason is affecting only 10% of the handsets is because they havn't pushed this out to everyone.  As far as I know no carrier branded phone has got the update. Imagine if AT&T allowed the update, how many Samsung Focus units would've been affected. We would be talking 50% or more failure rate.




  • Has anyone sold a WP7 app yet?

    I got 3 apps in the marketplace, 1 free 2 paid. Colorize which happens to have a trial mode is at position 52 in US.  So far I have no sales numbers since Microsoft is not providing the reports but I am planning on using PreEmptive Solutions's Runtime Intelligence to get more insight.

  • Nobody's talking about the US WP7 Release?

    I have picked up my Focus on Monday right after the store opened. All in all the purchase experience was pleasant, the sales guy knew quite a bit about the device and he told me was going to buy one to replaces his iPhone 3g.

    As far as the store setup goes, they had 2 devices on display. I can't say I was too impressed with the wall setup and everything, that big touch display for demoing the OS was not working.

    So far I haven't seen any other Windows phone device in the wild. One guy at work that is considering buying one is still thinking about it.

  • Ray Ozzie Steps Down

    Maybe thats a good thing.  I don't know but I didn't hear from the guy much since he was hired

  • Windows Phone 7 – Released To ​Manufacturi​ng



    it seems that they also added an option to filter your facebook friends so that they won't all show up in your contacts list.

  • Hey Microsoft, WP7 os , only for Mobile ?

    kitron said:
    Dovella said:

    I say copy Apple's model.

    Push WP7 to tablets as soon as possible and use the same application store.

    Apple's model as in use same OS for phone and tablet, same application store.

    WP7 has a good scaler so phone application should be able to run fine.


    All I am saying is use the same os & same tools.