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  • IE 9: First look at the new JS Engine

    I hope you improve the interface too.


    - Opening a new tab seems too slow.

    - Password save confirmation dialog stops page load.

    - I want more IU configuration options (e.g. min tab size on the tab bar (to allow more tabs fit in my screen), make Ctrl+S open the save page dialog).

    - All new tabs should open right next to the current one (or provide an option for that). Now they don't.

    - A new way to save and load named browsing sessions (the current always makes me lose my last browsing session and can't save multiple. IEPro's session manager doesn't work). If you could also add a way to pick a web page from any saved session in order to place it to your current session, you would make many users happy.

    - Make IE remember the last saving format (HTML/MHT - when saving web pages on disk) and the last saving directory selected ny the user. Also an option for whether or not to always save in a default location would be nice. Also, an option to make IE automatically change the name of the file to be saved (appending numbers - like Chrome does) when the file name already exisits (and the save dialog is used) would be more than nice.

    - Make a build-in configurable download manager (or a small, light add-in for it -- IE Pro causes problems to me).

    - Add a "tab manager" similar to Chrome's "task manager".

    - Make sure that saving a page on the disk is not slow (it is now...) and that it doesn't prevent you from working with IE during it's execution.

    - Sometimes IE crashes and killing it using Task Manager is impossible (you have to restart the PC). Provide a way to do so (if possible).

    - Make a build-in check speller (or better provide a small simple light addin for it -- IE Pro causes problems).

    - Put a "paste and go" option on the context menu showed when you right click in the address bar.

    - Add a "go to URL" option on the context menu showed when you right click on selected text in a web page.

    - Cooperate with IE7 Pro team and, perhaps, use their work.

    - Make the "stop page load" button get disabled when loading is done or merge this button with the refresh button.

    - Making it possible for users to use more that one version of IE on a single system would be great.

    - I don't know how the saved passwords are being saved and protected, but a master password protection would be safer. It would be great if you could make a password manager similar to the one used in Opera.

    - Despite the fact that IE and Chrome are supposed to use the same tab technologies, Chrome is responding MUCH better. Could you make IE's code in the instance of IE that holds the tabs run faster or parallelize routines to avoid lack of window response ?

    - And the MOST IMPORTANT: Sometimes IE fails to load some elements in a web page (I guess) and disconnects from the web (with all sorts of annoying pop up windows that appear). Then you have to connect again (as notified and asked by another window) to continue browsing. Can you please eliminate all of these pop up windows ? I mean only your browser annoys the user with so many pop up windows. Why do we get disconnected in the first place ?


    You did a good job with the search box, the duplicate tab option, the reopen closed tab option, etc !

    Keep up please.

  • The Labs of Microsoft Hardware 1 of 6

    Hey !

    I hope that in the future you will build even better illuminated keyboards.

    I'm planning to buy one in the future...



    And I have a preference for wired stuff.

    I wonder: Can't you put a  USB port of some kind on the keyboard that will accept either a transmitter or a USB cable ?

    In that way it could be both wireless and wired.

    And if you buy a wireless and run out of battery or you don't want it to be a wireless, you simply remove the transmitter from the keyboard and plug a USB cable in.


  • Ping: Episode 5

    Chrome responds better than IE8 while both claim to use the same tab technology.
    I think u should make more code run in parallel...

    I also have MANY suggestions posted here.
    I hope I see them come true one day...

  • First Look at Expression Blend 3