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  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Building Metro Style Apps with JavaScript

    The outcome looks pretty close to what you can do with XAML.. so, what are the prons and cons of HTML5 vs XAML Metro style app development?

  • Presentatio​n: Storing and Querying Documents with SQL Server 2012

    FILETABLE is now recommended way for storing files? It's not supported in LocalDB is it?

  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Manual Testing

    Good info. Thanks for sharing  Smiley

  • Anders Hejlsberg: Questions and Answers

    I would also like to hear Anders opinion regarding CodeContracts....

  • The Access Control Service 2.0 Ships!

    Is it possible to have an original domain of the website to be displayed on the 3rd party identity provider login page? For example mysite.com instead of Mysite.acccesscontrol.appfabriclabs.com.

    If not, that might be a deal breaker.. Wouldn't an average user be confused when he or she tries to login into mysite.com and sees a totally different domain name on login page?

  • Anders Hejlsberg: Questions and Answers

    Great interview! Thanks Charles, Andres!

    ..Just out of curiosity, isn't it possible to start a new "branch" of C# language and .NET Framework, redesigning it from scratch? Thus keeping existing customer base on previous brunch and without breaking any existing code bases; and new customers will be able to to use this new "branch" if they want to.

    For example in a world of cloud computing, the base class library as we know it in .NET 4.0 doesn't bring simplicity to the table (because it wan't designed for a cloud app platform at the first place). IMO, the base class library on Windows Azure or similar cloud platforms should differ dramatically from existing .NET 4.0 as we know it today...

  • Benko on the Microsoft Touch Mouse

    Indeed, that looks promising. Two concerns I have so far:

    - How correct it interprets user actions? For example you may just put your finder over its surface and it will be recognized as a mouse click.

    - And also I am worried about its ability to scroll large documents properly. For example when you need to scroll a huge document that is essential to be able hit a scroll wheel one time and allow it to scroll the document gradually until you stop it, by putting mouse over a rotating wheel (this is how it works in regular mouse). Based on video presentations you can't do it this way with Microsoft Touch Mouse. When you slide finger down it scrolls a relatively small portion of a document, even if you slide as fast as you can, forcing you to slide your finger several times before reaching the end of large document.



  • Stephen Toub: Task-Based Asynchrony with Async

    Thanks, Stephen. Great introduction video! That would be good to have some testing project with samples to play with.

  • Windows Phone 7 Demo: Open Table

    Looks like a pretty simple app. How many working hours is required to implement it with W. Phone 7 Dev Tools?

  • Windows Phone 7 Demo: Twitter

    What a music...  Perplexed

  • Web Camps TV #3 - WebMatrix Helpers with Jim Wang

    Jim, nice presentation. WebMatrix looks great! That would be cool if it would support customizable project templates. Imagine a scenario where you create a new project based on some template, it will ask you which Dependency Injection library should be used, which ORM to use Entity Framework / NHibernate, should it support membership, profiles, roles.. if so, which types of logins are allowed - username/pass, live id, open id, should it support plugins based on MEF etc. BTW, talking about MEF, that would be good to have a project sample similar to your wish list which emphasizes a scenario with using MEF powered plugins.

  • Expert to Expert: Erik Meijer and Anders Hejlsberg - The Future of C#

    New property system and property extensions in C# 5.0


    // A product type in this sample has a property Name of type String var product = new Product();
    // This will print "Product.Name.IsDirty: False" Console.WriteLine("Product.Name.IsDirty: {0}", product.Name.IsDirty);
    // Now let's try to update product's Name property product.Name = "T-Short";
    // And now this will print "Product.Name.IsDirty: True" Console.WriteLine("Product.Name.IsDirty: {0}", product.Name.IsDirty);
    // Then when you try to save this product in database, your Store Repository // will know for sure which fields must be saved and which can be skipped storeRepository.Add(product); storeRepository.SubmitChanges();

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