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  • Kosar Jaff - The networked printer

    On the Video:
    - Thanks for the positive comments.  I will look at the ability to embed URLs in the video. I have not done that yet so I don't even know if it's possible.

    Thanks for the color comments -- I'll try another color scheme next time so it's easier to read.

    On the technology we're building:

    - Yup, the idea here is to make it super easy to use these new networked devices.  We're also adding APIs so it's easy to write applications to control them on the network, both local networks as well as over the web via Web Services protocols.

    - The printer in the demo actually uses the WS-Discovery protocol for discovery and name resolution. 

    - What We're doing is to make networked devices easy to make (ie., simple, cheap, reliable), easy to program (cool new APIs), and easy to use (Plug-and-Play).  Today it's just way too hard.  I get way too many phone calls from friends who are struggling with hooking up these new IP-based devices.  If we do our jobs right I should be able to spend more of my leisure time on my Barfoot (http://www.barfoot.com). Smiley

    By the way, we also work on Bluetooth in my team. One of these days I'll get one of the more, er, "colorful" developers on camera to talk about it.  Bluetooth is a really cool feature we added in Windows XPSP2.  The team that worked on it went "underground" for about 4 years on that project.  Pretty neat stuff came out.


  • Kosar Jaff - The networked printer

    OK, guilty as charged.

    I love video production & music production (I used to be a professional radio announcer in college!) and I just couldn't resist drowing out the background noise with a small composition of mine. Smiley

    Seriously, we are quite a hard core group over here in the Devices Connectivity Group in Windows, but we try to have a lot of fun at the same time.  The music is really intended to poke some fun by putting some "theme music" behind the work we do.

    It helps us when the long hours start to wear us down.


    Anyway thx for the feedback.  I'll send more videos this way as we hit more milestones.  If you're interested in the SDK, and other info on the Networked Devices architecture, let us know either here on Ch9 or via the email address.

    Take care,