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  • Keynote #1

    Seriously, Julie is VERY annoying!!  Mad

    She makes it look like it'll crash any minute now, she forgets to mention important stuff and Steven has to jump in to clear the situation all the time! I mean she can't even pinch zoom correctly for god sakes...

    Come ooon guys, I'm sure you can come up with a better presenter than her. From the top of my head, get Laura Foy to make the demo or someone that knows what he's doing or at least makes it look like he knows what he's doing...

  • Ping 112: ESPN & Xbox LIVE, Foy works for Windows Phone, G mail man, IE Hoax

    ,Paul II wrote


    He said, "Cool" Laura.


    I think you got a point here, if I had to qualify Laura's video I would probably go with 'hot' instead of  'cool'...


    Also, I went ahead and counted the number of 'F' in this episode and, interestingly, it is exactly 112 just like the count of ping episodes to date!
    Never mind, it's probably just a 'foincidence' Smiley

  • Ping 111: Mango Refresh, Could Server Heat, Avatar Kinect, Microsoft donations

    @Laura10: Seems like you like him so much that you needed two posts to express it Wink


    Edit: Come on Laura, you could have at least mentioned it... Now I look like I'm inventing stuff Big Smile

  • Ping 110: ScriptTD, Photosynth for dollars, Microsoft Garage, Kinect Light Saber

    It's really good to have Laura back. How could I explain it, let's just say that "Ping without Laura is like... X-Files without Scully" : )

    Anyway, how could not everyone not be freaking about the completely random floating head around 10:41, it's just..., well now that I thinks about it, it's just the sort of things you would see in x-files! Tongue Out

    Nice ep. And once again, great to have you back!

  • Silverlight TV 78: Designing Tiles and Splash Screens for Windows Phone (Design Tips Mini Series)

    @DannyM: Nice, good to know.

    On a separate note, it's great that you talked about the banding problem which I, personally, used to find annoying. If you've been doing some design, you'll know that there is a few ways to work around it, and like Corina kindly showed it involves overlaying Noise on it so that it removes the uniformity in the bands. However, I would advise Blurring the channels first then add Noise per channel. It tends to generally give better results.

    Also, if the gradients look fine on the emulator then you're good to go. I'm referring to a weird issue that affected HTC devices after NoDo update (to be fixed in Mango hopefully), in which the screen colors turn 16-bit instead of the supposed 32-bit. So in these devices, one is very likely to encounter banding in gradients and should probably not worry much about it as long as it renders fine in the Emulator.

    Sorry for the long post Big Smile



  • Silverlight TV 78: Designing Tiles and Splash Screens for Windows Phone (Design Tips Mini Series)

    Thanks for the ep, it's great to see the 'Design Tips Series' back.

    However just as a note here, the 'non-Microsoft apps' never use the Phone Accent Brush (ie theme color) when they are at the app list. They however do when they are pinned to Startup. Embarassed

    At least that's the behavior I'm having with all the 3rd party apps, I would love to know if it's something I'm missing though...



  • Silverlight TV 73: What's New in MVVM Light

    For a moment I was like "Wow! They're already talking about MIX 12" Smiley

    Thanks for the ep and looking forward to MVVM Light v4...


    However, I was wondering:

    1. When can we expect v4 to drop?
    2. Would you recommend relying on the Messenger as a means of handling view-specific tasks, or would you rather go with services injection?
    3. And last but not least, how is like to turn 40? Smiley