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kriskdf kriskdf I really do work at MS.
  • Does ​Parallel.​ForEach only return when ALL iterations have completed?

    i haven't tested this, but it seems like it might be faster to do rmdir /S /Q <folder>.

    40 seconds seems like a long time.

  • terrible Bing Map ​inconsisten​cies

    @Sven Groot: I sent some instructions to try a few things out and will send some more when I have them.  Some of the new stuff is in front of a subset of users to test it out automagically, so if you are lucky, you may already be trying it out.  Smiley 

    Also, regarding the original bug in this thread, the issue is fixed in an upcoming server-side build we are testing.  Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused and thanks again for the feedback. 

    We look at a variety of sources to improve our products, and I happen to lurk around the coffeehouse a bit for fun anyways (I think I've been a member for almost 10 year?!).  There are also feedback links all over Bing and the mobile sites to share your feedback (though it looks like there isn't an easy feedback link on the mobile map app unless you want to change a business's information).  We do look at that feedback as well and it can often include key information for helping us reproduce the problems, so it is best to submit feedback as close to the product as possible.  We build this stuff for you, so let us know if you aren't happy (or if you are Smiley ) and we will work to make it a great experience.

  • terrible Bing Map ​inconsisten​cies

    @magicalclick: I'll take a look in the morning for root cause and get a bug filed.  Thanks for sending feedback.  I can reproduce the issue myself.

  • I don't understand Bing Maps

    Bing's released business data sets are currently limited to several countries (with the exception of Hotels, which are global, as you have cleverly observed).  On Windows Phone, if your settings are outside of the "Bing powered" markets, your results are actually powered by Nokia behind the scenes (I just tested and it even says "results by Nokia" on the local pivot when searching with the hardware search button).  My team actually built the service making it easy for the WP team to leverage the Nokia partnership and fill this coverage gap (NOTE: This is different than the Nokia Map app on the Nokia 920 phone.  You are using a Windows Phone native app, but powered by Nokia search under the hood.).  We are working as fast as possible to expand Bing powered coverage for all Bing entry points with a high quality experience, but no ETA to announce by me.

    Dr. Sven, when you get to MS, I can hook you up with some dogfood and a feedback alias since you are familiar with several regions worldwide. Smiley

  • Any current ThinkPad owners, would you recommend?

    @PopeDai: I have the X1 Carbon at work and have used it for a week.  I'm used to having a smaller touchpad (on an older thinkpad) and this one drives me nuts.  I was editing a power point and I bump the touchpad when typing and it would switch slides on me.  The one other downside is that the screen looks a little grainy when compared to my Surface RT.  I don't notice it all that much if I look straight on perfectly, but at a slight angle with a white background, I do notice it. Well...I guess I also like real touchpad buttons on the bottom rather than the rocking touchpad. 

    The specs and everything else about the machine is really nice, but biggest issue for me personally is the touchpad (though maybe I need to stop resting my hands on the laptop while also typing).

  • Really bad Bing and Nokia maps behavior

    @Srikanth_t: HI Srikanth.  I can get this feedback to the maps teams.  Which client (bing.com/maps, win phone, win8, etc.) and market (en-us, en-gb, etc.) are you using?


    PS.  My "Microsoft" badge never shows up in posts because of a legacy C9 issue.  I really am an FTE.

  • Bizarre Bing Maps Feature

    I can forward internally.  Thanks for the feedback.

  • Where do smart people go?

    @tobleroneisbest:  If you are in central Europe, consider Microsoft STC-E (Search technology center).  They have an office in Munich and London.

  • Microsoft Research Sho goes pubblic

    I've used it for years!  Probably since it was something like 0.9 alpha.  I'm glad to see it released to the public.  It is very useful and I like the syntax better than R (which I've been avoiding).  R has far more packages, but Sho is super easy to work with for random tasks and easily integrates with .NET. 

    I wanted something like Matlab that didn't cost a fortune and found that MSR had this as an incubation project which met my basic needs

  • What would you do for MS?

    W3bbo said:
    spivonious said:

    There aren't 64 levels, it actually starts at 50 and goes up to 70, according to these leaked documents.

    MS pays at the 65th percentile for the role and experience.  This is widely documented on the internets.  As for levels, you NEVER see a developer at less than 59.  There aren't 20 levels. Smiley


    100K isn't "rich", but you don't have to worry about money.  The benefits are great too (again, not the best on the planet, but it is hard to beat the healthcare anywhere in the US).  Also, that talk is about base salary.  Bonus and stock for good performance can make that much more. 


    MS pays for performance.  A Phd who proves they can deliver more than a person with a BS will quickly make much more money then the person with the BS, even if they start with similar salary.  If the person with the BS can deliver more than a person with a PhD, that will be reflected in the pay as well.  As a person who has PhD's and Masters and BS educated employees working for me over the years, there isn't a direct correlation to getting things done and adding customer value. After getting hired into a product group (MSR may be different), your education isn't nearly as imporant as delivering high quality results.  If your education helps you do that, more power to you, but I gaurantee that your education plays no direct role during review time.