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ktegels ktegels and their little dogs too.
  • Do you XQuery?

    I'm back!

    Folks, MS is looking for your feedback on how Date and Time types should be handled with XQUery and Yukon. I've put a copy of their survey on my blog. If you have concerns about these issues, please pay it a visit and post your feedback.


    I now return to my regular programming...

  • Complex math problems

    >>Did this by using a selection of data to translate coordinates into addresses. I had to map distance as-the-crow-flies from the dealership to its max distance radius. Then calculate and find all coordinates that were within distance X from the dealership.

    Very similar to this, which I don't want to re-do:
    Its a good demo of what I want to do.

  • Complex math problems

    Serves you right Smiley

  • Complex math problems

    What, Mathematically speaking, is the most complex program you've ever tried to write? That's is, what program have you done that involved a lot of mathematical computations?

    I've been pondering this myself a few days. One of the most interesting I did was for illustrating joint-and-last-survivor life insurance policies, but that's not as complex as it sounds. I've done some goodess-of-fit stuff and some rate-of-flow and rate-of-change things. But nothing that really every made my CPU smoke.

    But I'm looking for such a problem for use as an example. I'm currently writing a little bit of T-SQL to calculate bond prices using that to compare agaist a known set of asking prices on bonds look for in-the-money or out-of-the money offerings (and yeah, I'm just sick enough to want to do that with T-SQL.) Its interesting because it be a good test of how many such comparisons one method vs. another can do. At the same time, it's not exactly attractive as Lorzen's butterflies (if you get that pun why are you here? Why aren't figuring out if gravity really is constant or not?)

    Ideally, I'd like to find a problem complex enough that a scripting program really lags behind a compiled one, yet one that can be easily understood and yet be practical.


  • Any questions for Mahesh Prakriya (PM - SQLCLR)?

    I've started a thread over on my Blog about this topic. If you are interested in asking a question by proxy, please post it (or them) there.



  • Any questions for Mahesh Prakriya (PM - SQLCLR)?

    I've started a thread over on my Blog about this topic. If you are interested in asking a question by proxy, please post it (or them) there.



  • Visual Studio Whidbey Preview 2004 - need Help !?

    The top of page 57 makes me wonder if they've changed it in the CTP bits vs. the PDC bits.

    MARS is definitely a Yukon-only feature (http://www.winnetmag.com/Articles/ArticleID/41393/pg/3/3.html); Async calls and Object Spaces are supported for any data provider that supports them. UDT et. al. are Yukon specific.

  • SQL Notification Services

    It should be a lot easier in SS2K5 and know Tony Mann is working on a Notification Services book that should help shorten the runway.

  • What, the only technical stuff has to be programming related?

    LazyCoder wrote:
    I'm fascinated by programmers who DON'T have a lot of IT knowledge. Every job I've worked on I've had to be 1/2 programmer, 1/2 systems guy, and 1/2 DBA. (see my point? Wink ). I'd LOVE to only have to worry about programming, but it seems I'm always having to teach IT guys about backup strategies and getting the server configured correctly. We haven't done a security audit of our applications yet, but I can already tell they have holes in them and it's not all the codes fault. I wish there were more IT pros in the world, specifically where I work, so I wouldn't always have to dink with the systems.

    Plus I have to be the "IT Pro" at home too. bleh. I miss my C-64.

    My point being, I hope that IT issues get discussed here too. It's one more source I'll have for keeping up with current trends.

    Ditto all of that!

  • Visual Studio Whidbey Preview 2004 - need Help !?

    unix? wrote:

    I´m testing a little bit with the Whidbey preview. First, I must say: "Good job Microsoft !" because the Visual Studio is very stable for an alpha version ! I love the Generics, Anonymous methods, partial classes and all the C# language addons. It´s now possible to have a public get accessor (property) and an internal set accessor, ...

    Now my question: I´m playing a little bit with ADO .NET (mdac9). I want to test the MARS feature. I´ve read in an Addison Wesley book (A first look at...) that I must use "use mdac9=true" in the connection string. But I get an error that this keyword is unknown. What is to do to use MARS feature in this preview version ?

    The asynchronous calls in ADO .NET works fine with the element "async=true" in the connection string.

    As MS products go, MARS is currently only supported by Yukon SQL Server 2005.