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  • Windows Sideshow Team - Auxiliary Displays (new laptop feature coming next year)

    alvifarooq wrote:
    i can bet you a hundred bucks that Apple will support this with their Leopard OS and tout it as an innovation...and they'll get away with it cause they'll have the ipod click wheel and the interface on the top...with support for Dashboard widgets...maybe MS shouldn't be this forthcoming with their developments!

    Most likely Apple will put a slot on the new Macs that allows you to slid in an iPod Nano.  The Nano could be used as a "slideshow-type" device.  Better yet, a bluetooth iPod wouldn't even need to be docked inside the computer at all.

    You Microsoft guys should come up with a prototype for an MP3 player that can fit in the expresscard slot and be used as a bluetooth capapble slideshow device.  That kind of device could potentially be compatible with any laptop.

    Speaking of MP3 players, you should suggest to the people at Microsoft who are coming up with the plans for the "iPod competitor" that they actually put a full-size USB or firewire port on the device.  I can't tell you how convienient it is just to be able to grab any firewire cable and plug it into a 2-gen iPod.  IMO that is one of it's best features.  Of course, Apple ditched the feature because they wanted native USB support for PC compatibilty but someone needs to bring that feature back.  If the Microsoft iPod-thingy could download pictures and video directly from a digital still or video camera then you would have a hit on your hands.  Every digital Photography or videographer would want one.

    Being able to do simple hard disk video recording into an MP3 player is a dream for people in my profession.  Hard disk recorders like the Firestore are ridiculously expensive for the 20-80Gb drives they feature.  With Microsoft's operating system experience I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to make the device capture video (DV and HDV only about 3mb's per second).