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  • Ale Contenti: VC++ Safe Libraries and More

    I work for a games development studio. In my team the core engine group, some of the upper management dislike STL for the following reasons and c++ in general (they only use a small subset of c++ features such as function overloading etc):

    policy is code non grata. reasons are code bloat, reliance on advanced compiler features, debug build performance, memory allocation patterns, complexity of code, and that it's a loaded gun for less experienced coders.

    Others on the team have worked with STL effectively on previous projects however, by using custom allocators. Especially for things like strings, where the thing will fragment like hell if you don't.

    Also problems I have found is that different STL implementations on non-microsoft based platforms in the past have been less than optimal, and it very much changes on a per platform basis. The reality is when your working at a game studio, some console providers don't have the great support Microsoft do with tools etc.