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  • Robert Green - What is the "​My" namespace Visual Basic 2005?

    Maybe this doesn't make sense, but I'll try it anyway:
    Say I use the, and then I want to go ahead an make customizations that is not available through "my". Is there a way to get the underlying code expanded inline, like expanding a macro? That would be a really great way to learn stuff. You can get a program up and running and then go look at the details of the my's that are interesting and see what it does behind the scenes.
  • Bill Hill: Homo sapiens 1.0 - The world's most important operating system

    tombo wrote:
    I think it is amazing how much knowledge is available. Period. What a great time to be alive.

    True that. But it's a thin line between collecting and owning information, and when the information starts to own you. When you get to the point where you feel it is a pain to make sure everything is backed up, sorted, and that you detect any form of corruption. 
  • Rajesh George - Three new features in SQL Server Express

    Is he in some kind of witness protection program? All that is missing is the distorted voice and that he's not talking about the mafia. Smiley
    Anywho, It's interesting that he mentions that there are administration tools for SQL Server Exprpess, because I couldn't find anything useful after the install. Is that an additional download?
  • Andrew Clinick - Demo of Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005

    This is just SO COOL!
  • Brian Goldfarb - How Visual Web Developer Express is tuned for Web development

    Very nice! I think this is an interesting video and it sure makes me want to go off and do some test driving of that nice free beta version!

    I guess the Express edition is targeted at doing both for the hobbyist or casual developer. Even tho FP and VS are ment for different audiences there is overlap in functionallity which I think FP users really can benefit from.
    Dreamweaver is very much around and it is an application that I hope Microsoft will continue to look at when improving their products. Even tho FP has improved a lot over the years it does run out of steam as the projects get bigger in a way that DW does not. With FP for smaller sites and Visual Studio targeted at developers I think there is lacking something in the product lineup that can compete head to head with Dreamweaver: For large complex sites targeted at professonal designers and that plays nice with other technologies like PHP (slowly coopting the site to use ASP.Net instead =)

  • Peter Wengert - More on Microsoft Automotive

    Cool stuff!
  • Peter Wengert - Inside Microsoft Automotive

    I didn't get annoyed by the "so"s in this video, but I know the feeling. Sometimes I go nuts when someone giving a lecture says "I'll go right ahead and ..." over and over again.

    Or when I watch keynotes and demonstrations by executives and some middle management project leader who does the real demo.
    It usually sounds something like this:

    Let's say the exec is called Bill for some reason.

    MMPL:    - "I'm going to go right ahead and deploy this ....."
    Bill:           -"So, it's xyzzy compatible?"
    MMPL:    - That's absolutely right Bill. Now if I click this button ..."
    Bill:           - "And with that you can rule the world?"
    MMPL:     - That's absolutely right Bill. So ... "

    Gah! How many times have the rehearsed that? 200?
  • Jamie Cool - Demo of ClickOnce

    AndyC wrote:

    I think it was more a case that it won't work the way they are written today. If they call the Windows URL APIs or handle the MIME types correctly themselves it should work fine.

    I'm also confident that the good people working on Firefox will adress that issue. This could become what ActiveX never was! Or in a worst case become ActiveX all over again.
    I think the deciding factor will be if it is possible to get end users to pay attention to the security dialogs and not just click accept/deny like zombies.

    - Warning: The application "Paris Hilton pictures" needs permissions to mess up your system - is that okey?
    - Hell yes, hit me bro!!

    CAS is a suweet thing. If people just learn to use it.
  • Peter Wengert - Inside Microsoft Automotive

    I think he's aware about where Die S-Klasse comes from.

    It looks like a cool technology. But I wonder what went wrong with our society when you need stock quotes while driving, and the kids needs movies to sit down and behave. He kind of went around the subject of getting emails to your car. And that is good. You shouldn't be deleting viagra spam while driving.
    Another thing is privacy and security issues. Pairing GPS with online access I see a real potential for misuse. And I hope it will never be so tied into the "car bus" that you could plant a trojan in there to disable the breaks.
  • Anders Hejlsberg - Programming data in C# 3.0

    Isn't this something that will be improved with Object Spaces?

    Does Anders have a blog btw?

  • Chris Anderson - "Hello Avalon"

    Homer wrote:
    Would XAML be a public spec that could be used by others?

    A very important question. Will Microsoft slap a patent on XAML or will it be available to anyone that wants to implement that schema?

  • Anders Hejlsberg - Tour through computing industry history at the Microsoft Museum

    This beats a video with a Bill Gates any day. Anders Hejlsberg is one of those tech icons I'd like to hear more from. I respect them more than any rock star CEO.