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  • Eric Gunnerson - What is the biggest challenge for programmers?

    The rate of change is indeed a problem. And it is constantly accelerating. Every year I have to let go of some field that I used to keep up with, and focus more and more on fewer and fewer things. I think information overload is a problem for just about everyone working with development, and sometimes I wonder how my ageing brain is going to cope with this in another 20 years.

    Will development become something you get into after getting your college degree and after 10 years you will have to "retire" to another profession? Or maybe the cost and effort of acquiring the necessary skills will be so high in comparison to the time you have to leverage it, that it won't even be economical - and it will all be outsourced?

  • Scott Swanson - What about translating help to other languages?

    I don't care much for translated technical documents. And I dislike the way the knowledgebase bugs me with  Swedish articles just because I run Swedish IE. I hope VS won't start doing the same.

    My distrust comes from experience. Quite often the translators don't understand the text they are translating. And the result is unreadable.


  • Dare Obasanjo - What is the best place to learn about XML?

    Don't put too much faith in the Amazon reviews. A recent bug on their site revealed extensive cheating with Authors writing good reviews for their own books and bad for their competitors.

    I also read the reviews on Amazon before ordering new books, so I don't think they are totally irrelevant. You just have to read them with sceptical mode turned on.
  • Bill Hill: Homo sapiens 1.0 - The world's most important operating system

    Converting my entire CD collection to MP3 was a real eye opener for me. Now I make atleast two copies of my digital photos on different brand CDRs.

    Talking about backup tapes reminds me of a comment I read over at Slashdot (can't find it now tho):

    The guy brings up a couple of 10 year old backup tapes from the basement. Puts one in the reader and it goes <wwwrrrrr> <snap!>. Whoops!

    - Well, lucky for me I made two copies!

    Puts in the second tape. It goes <wwwrrr> <snap!>

    - Uh, well, I didn't need that data anyways... 

  • Chris Sells -- Tour of MSDN

    I've got that "Unknown Error" a couple of times too. But it always seem to post alright anyway.

    Edit: Got one when I posted this reply even. Wierd stuff is going down. Smiley


  • Chris Sells -- Tour of MSDN

    Awsome dudes - I love it! Great to get to see where the action takes place and what your offices look like.

    /curious Lars.
  • Matthew Carlson - How do we know that Microsoft isn't doing anything evil with the information custo

    I think the organization of Microsoft is something I would like to know more about.

    Many people view Microsoft as one well organized giant monolith. And that monolith is scary. The fact that people view Microsoft that way should in one way be very flattering - Anyone who's been involved in software development knows the difficulties in organizing people.
    But the more I hear from people that actually work at Microsoft the more it sounds like the Silicon valley - just that all the companies are Microsoft. In a way that puts Microsoft on the same planet as the rest of us. Not this large scary machine from outer space that will run you over like a lawnmower.

    But, well, I don't work at Microsoft so what do I know. But someone wiser than me said something like...

    Fear leads to Anger,
    Anger leads to Hate,
    Hate leads to Linux. (Just joking =)



  • Joe Beda - What hardware will ​Longhorn/​Avalon need?

    Well, mentioning a single graphics card is way better than the good old "I cannot comment on features or requirements of upcoming Microsoft Products". We're moving in the right direction here.

  • Michael Howard - There are people out there that really want to get you

    I'd like to see an interview with someone involved in the security around That could be interesting. It has to be one of the most high profile targets people out there want to "get".

    I'd also love to see an overview of how many machines are running in that server-room. It has to be just awsome!
  • Eric Lippert - Isn't .NET cool because you don't need to know a lot about how the underlying system

    "Isn't .NET cool because you don't need to know a lot about how the underlying system works?"

    It's cool because it enables me to choose if I want to ignore things I may not care about at that time.

    I found Java much more restrictive in this way back in its early days. It felt much more like do it their way - not at all. With the InterOP I can choose. COM and Win32 is still down there, somewhere. 

    In most business applications the majority of surprises are of the kind - "Wow! It will take care of that for me too?" I just love it.

  • The 9 Guys - Who We Are

    This is going to be great! I can feel it!