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lars lars
  • Worst Microsoft Product?

    Windows 3.11. Uuuhhhhew.

  • The Code Room - what did you think?

    Holy cow. Who is the intended audience for this video? If it’s a marketing video trying to make security look cool and interesting for your average teenage Hollywood audience I guess it’s okay. They’re even playing the "cute and sexy hostess" card. But next time, get better actors.

    Now, where is that roll-eyes smiley when you need it... Expressionless

  • Binning your life?

    Manip wrote:
    Is binning your life and trying to start over realistic

    I guess I could put my cardboard box up for a second mortgage... Tongue Out

  • multi-touch screen - incredibly cool!

    Gimme gimme gimme ... Big Smile

  • I lost my direction on software

    SlackmasterK wrote:
    These days the big push seems to be integration between local machines and the Internet.  Software and the 'web are slowly melding together in such a way that the lines will soon become slightly blurry. 

    That's what they said about Windows 98 too. I hope it doesn't happen this time around either. In Europe there is a big push towards making just about all internet trafic fair game for retention and monitoring on a grand scale. While it differs from country to county the general direction is clear: privacy is way down on the priorities. So having full control over what information that leaves the local machine is more important than ever.

  • It's not "Office 12" or "Office Vista". It's...

    rjdohnert wrote:
    If it doesnt hit your sweet spot lars, you can always use OpenOffice and download Thunderbird with the calendar extension.

    Sure. I’m merely one customer adding my point of view to the conversation.

  • It's not "Office 12" or "Office Vista". It's...

    Outlook is included in the Basic Editon. Why is the Home Edition the only one where you don't "need" Outlook? It's a shame because the rest of the package hits the sweet spot with both the right features and the right price point for home users IMHO.

  • How do I download a MSDN Webcast in WMV format w/o all this Live Meeting Replay stuff?

    Ok, I'm grateful for all the free training/marketing. But I watch a lot of webcasts and all the steps needed to finally get the thing on screen just drives me nuts. Multi step registration for every event, logging in, providing sceen name, click here, click there, yada yada - every single time - is this really necessary?

  • Did Yahoo! forward your e-mails to the NSA?

    Not living in the US I just assume that the NSA can and do scan my email both going to servers in the US and coming back over the pond again. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if they can also get to the information while it’s stored on Hotmail, Yahoo or any other server in the US. Either by just asking for it, or if they are interested enough - by getting an insider to retrieve it for them.

    The best you can hope for is not to attract any attention to yourself so your messages blend in with all the other digital background noise. Using PGP on email that doesn’t contain any secrets just makes that traffic stand out like a sore thumb for no good reason. But of course there is always that nice warm feeling you get from thinking of the possibility that your encrypted message adds just a little bit to the burden of Big Brother. Wink

  • It's not "Office 12" or "Office Vista". It's...

    I'm glad to see a resonably priced SKU for home users. But why doesn't it include Outlook?! I'd rather have that than OneNote.