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  • Mads Torgersen, Donna Malayeri and Erik Meijer: ​(Re)​Introducing Lang.NEXT

    Will there be any channel9 coverage for Lang.NEXT? I'm a language geek but I depend on channel9 for access and it would be such a shame if we didn't have some coverage for Lang.NEXT.


    nvm, just read the on the Lang.NEXT overview page that there be C9 recordings and interviews. Awesome!

  • Simon Peyton-Jones and John Hughes - It's Raining Haskell

    That's my old professor! I love that guy (John)! How luck would have it, to see him making an appearance on C9.

  • Bart De Smet: Rx Update - .NET 4.5, Async, WinRT

    Charles, Rock NRoll is your thing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

    /Rock n' Roll!

    PS. listening to Bart is awesome!

  • .NET 4.5: Oleg Lvovitch and Kevin Ransom - Managed ​Extensibili​ty Framework (MEF) 2.0

    MEF is dear to me, so this is great! Maybe you can do a check-in with Erik with one of the MEF devs and talk a bit about the specifics of the new features as well as the open source aspect of MEF, I'd really enjoy a run-down of the new stuff from the dev team and I'd really like to hear any comments about MEF being open source, how MEF contrib works and maybe why they don't use update the Codeplex repository any more (the publish the source as a zip, but the tfs server is not being used).

  • Deep dive into the kernel of the .NET Framework

    What the frack! I really wanna see this, talk...

  • Anders Hejlsberg: Questions and Answers

    Hey Charles, this was great, my only regret is that I missed the call for questions.

    Regarding Anders opinion about going back and allowing non null reference types (something I've actually found myself missing from C++) isn't that somewhat obsoleted by the advent of CodeContracts?

    I'd love to hear Anders opinion on something like CodeContracts which is language agnostic and through static analysis (abstract interpretation) actually manages to prove parts, if not whole parts, of your program correctness.

    I know you'll get back to Anders eventually, if you haven't already asked him about it, but from his unique position as a language designer something like this ought to have some appeal.

  • New Home Page, Smooth Streaming added to Channel 9 today

    I can see why smooth streaming looks good on paper and why it's a logical choice, however, the reality for some of us is very different.

    I have a very good connection (100 MBit/s down stream) with speeds ~20 MBit/s in practice. That's still very fast (2-3 MB/s). However, smooth streaming is not very optimistic or it's getting too little bandwidth from elsewhere because the result is very different from what I expect.

    Very often, it's drops all the way down to the lowest possible bandwidth profile, and when it does, it's no longer possible to see anything. I don't get why it's being considered at all, as when it drops that low, it's no longer possible to distinguish text on screen and a lot of Channel 9 videos contain text!

    I have good reasons to not like smooth streaming and there's nothing smooth about it. It's rugged and often preforming significantly worse. Why is that?

    I'm located in Sweden, Stockholm. If you have any content edge servers there, please push content world wide!


  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - Spolsky, Atwood, Blyth, Hanselman = ​Crazy-​Delicious || ​Content-​Free?

    Selling points for .NET 4.0,

    1. variance, (proper co-/and invariance).
    2. Visual Studio improvments (not part of .NET 4.0 but unquestionably so, !important)
    3. DLR...

    (the DLR is actually, not so much of a .NET 4.0 thing though, my list would actually only include one thing, and that's the new variance features built into the new C# compiler).


    With all the stuff, F#, M, Iron... and new language features the .NET 4.0 release is a big one.

  • Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7 Redux

    What is that tool that let's you draw on the surface of any window? Like, screen paint?

  • Windows 7 Play-To in Action

    Now that's something worth looking in to! However, is there a specific reason why Gabe is not demostrating video playback? This video put me into a frenzy and I immidiately went online trying to find a good buy for a TV which I would be able to "Play To" from my Windows 7 computer. My question is how does this fit into the Windows 7 DLNA experience and what video formats will I be able to playback?


    From the website I'm able to find information about streaming capabilities and such but what if I have strange "video format X" which my media player on Windows 7 is able to play, will I still be able to Play To my TV, which does not support "video format X"?


    Will Windows 7 be able transcode and stream strange "video format X" to any DLNA capable video device?