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lenn lenn Fo' Shizzle
  • Channel9 v4 Previews

    Adam, Jeff, Carmine: This is bomb yo ... you nailed it. Very much in the spirit of the original site, its simple, its fun ... and damn its nice to see eboy bringing pixelvision to C9 in a big way. Much love to C9 lenn

  • C9: 2 year ​anniversary.​.today? Confirmed :)

    Oh and BTW ... the official date IS April 5, 2004 as confirmed by Charles.  The site went live that evening Pacific Time.  Smiley

  • C9: 2 year ​anniversary.​.today? Confirmed :)

    I know its been a while since I have popped my head up over here ... but I had to send my congrats to the C9 team for their continued amazing work to bring developers and Microsoft together.   Greetings from London, UK!

    When this project was started over two years ago, it was an idea, an experiment.  That idea was incubated by a team of great people into something unique and wonderful in its space.  C9 is proof that ideas are nothing without stellar execution.  Often times ideas get more credit than they deserve when others make it look so easy.  Years later I see my name getting credit for creating C9 but I should have been more of a note in a sidebar, as it was Jeff, Charles, Bryn, and Robert who took a concept and made it a real thriving place where ideas are exchanged freely. 

    My hat is off to my former colleagues, the new C9 team members, and the community that made this site much much more than a forgotten idea.  Happy Birthday C9.


  • C9 ... I will miss you

    I see that many people have started to catch on to the news that I have decided to make some changes in life along with my family and am moving on from Microsoft after almost 8 years with the company.

    First of all I want to thank all of you for making my last year here amazing.  We all took part in an experiment together, we all shared something of ourselves, we all had some good times, it was something unique between a company and its customers.  The team and the community have worked hard together to make this not just a novelty but a living breathing resource for each other to learn from.  Simply amazing to see the evolution. 

    Many people have already started to read into this move and draw conclusions that Channel 9 is going to shut down, that Microsoft did something to me or that there was a deep conflict on the team.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  The Channel 9 team will move over to Jeff Sandquist and continue as is.  Jeff was a founder of the site and a long time partner and friend of mine at Microsoft.  It is great to see C9 stay in the family.  Microsoft and I had no falling out, I made some personal decisions based on some life goals.  I remain a Microsoft customer and partner at Skype. 

    I wanted to personally thank you all for your passion, respect, and most of all support of C9 and Microsoft.  I hope we cross paths again one day in my new role at Skype and that you consider giving it a try, its a great Windows application. 

    A deep thanks to Scoble, Charles, Jeff, and Bryn who brought this site to life and give it is daily pulse and vibrancy.  They deserve all of the credit for delivering on an idea and making it succeed, without them C9 would have just been another concept. 

    Stay in touch all, I will be around C9.


  • Uncool bug: Smileys

    C9 started as a grass roots effort on a team of evangelists.  It got going with some help of a lot of people.  Now that it is up and moving, some people move on to new jobs and others come in and join us. 

    Charles and Scoble are the driving forces behind the day to day.  You have to love their dedication to this site.  We love to hear what we can do better, so keep the feedback coming.

    As for me being a "kingpin" ? 

    Carmine ... I prefer "spiritual advisor to Channel 9"

  • Microsoft.​com

    I can assure you that our in-house graphic designers work on PCs using apps like Photoshop. 

  • Microsoft.​com

    Its all custom development.  They use VS.NET and Visual InterDev.

  • Channel9.ca = Coffeehouse  :)

    Do you really think C9 is the thing that should be developed in this fashion?  The project has been up for a year and is pretty much doing its thing.  Plus we are just not set up to handle this with the small size of our team.

    The codebase is just an old version of ASP.NET forums that has been forked.  

    Why not start a new project that the community owns?

  • Channel9.ca = Coffeehouse  :)


    Wanna drive?

    Community projects are driven by the community, you get to set the rules, you get to drive the vision.

  • Channel9.ca = Coffeehouse  :)

    I have always wanted to some how turn C9 inside out.  We started this site to share more about who we are and what we do at Microsoft cause most people never meet anyone from the company let alone get to come to Redmond.

    What I am interested in is seeing something where you can teach us more about you.  What you do, how you work, what your technology life is like, what works, what doesn't.  How we make your life better and how we make it worse. 

    I think each product team could always stand to know more about their customers and how they use their products.  Kind of a dream of mine to see this come about too.

    Alas ... it is just Scobs, Charles, and I and we are all stretched a little thin these days so we never get time to build it ourselves.