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  • How to autofill?

    Well, your specifications are quite vague.  What languages are involved? What environment are you operating within?  Is this a Windows Forms application?  Is this a ASP.NET application? Is this a WPF item?  I can think of at least a dozen possible environments which bear on your solution.

    Conceptually you populate combo box #1. You then wire up an event to populate combo box #2 upon change in selection of the contents of Combo box #1.  The same logic can then be extended to the third control and so forth.

    Obviously your choice of tools bears into how you implement your solution.  Certain vendors provide controls with cascading events designed to handle "related" controls (such as Telerik for example). Heck with the right vendor you could be 100% code free.


    Have you tried google for your solution?  (Give up on Bing).




    (meant in humor)

    What is it with meteor's and Russia?  They seem to attract the like moths to a the flame.  Didn't they have one earlier which flattened 700 miles of forest in Siberia?  

  • I'm New in Programming World: Need help for Project.

    @Eigenvector:  Your description of what you need to do is reasonably concise.  You have not described how you wish to implement those requirements.  (That is of course what programming is)  What language are you using?  What tools do you have at your fingertips?  In other words, what constraints must you operate within?


    As an example you could fire up Access and have your project in about 20 minutes.  

    You could fire up Visual Studio (Professional Edition) and use the database tools to create an "object" based solution.  It, depending upon the version you own could even create the database in a SQLEXPRESS edition SQL Server for you.  You could then use the various wizards within Visual Studio to create a virtually code free solution to interact with the database you just created.

    If you are restricted to tools which are not quite so friendly you can do it "old school".  For example using MySQL you can manually create the database tables.  You could then use the Express editions of .NET (pick your favorite language) and write the code to interface your program to the MySQL database.  This of course would require the most coding on your part as you would likely have to construct SQL expressions to perform your updates.  Of course this is probably the goal of your assignment - to actually learn how to code.

  • Windows 8 / VS 2012 / TFS 2012

    @Richard.Hein:It can't be a network problem as the box is self contained with no network paths.  That is to say it is unconnected to any network.  It is a wholly independent development box with everything local.

    The problems I am seeing, since updating to update #1, all boil down to file locking problems. I get resources are busy or simple "hung" never returning from "auto checkout" events.  Stopping Visual Studio and relaunching the project solves things however it is very annoying.

  • Windows 8 / VS 2012 / TFS 2012

    I have a development laptop which has windows 8, visual studio 2012 (premium), and a full blown copy of Team Foundation Server.  On the same box is a developer edition of SQL 2012.  The system has 16 GB of ram so memory is not an issue.

    Since UPDATE 1 I am getting freezes during "performing check-out" operations.  A reboot seems to fixes things for a while however the problem reoccurs.


    It seems to be a timeout error.


    Is anyone else seeing this? 

  • Tobacco companies ordered print confession on packages

    My 2 cents on the smoking "problem" is that while I am personally opposed to smoking, I also feel we are reaching a point where we are persecuting folks way out of order of the risks involved.  Nobody, with half a brain, does not know smoking places you at a higher risk.  As long as the product is legal it should also be legal to consume it.  Imagine if they treated alcohol with the same fervent attitudes they do smoking?  Going to a pro football game one may be exposed to second hand drinking even when you yourself do not imbibe a drop.  Yes, this is ridiculous but so is most second hand smoking rules.  A business owner should be able to have a sign on the door "this is a smoking establishment".  If I choose to be employed there, as long as I was told up front, then I made the choice to accept the risks.  If I walk in the door as a customer then I assume those risks, again as long as it is a known smoking establishment.  If I believe that second hand smoke imperils my life then I have the free choice to eat at another establishment.  If I as a business can't make it on "smoking" customers only then the market has weened me out of business as it should do.  The idea that government, be it local  or national, says to everyone that "it is now illegal to consume a legal product because it might offend a third party" is insane.  There are now areas of the country where it is now illegal to consume a tobacco product in your own home.


    I support people living by the results of their own choices.  If we want to start printing "this product will kill you" on all tobacco products that will preclude people from buying them.  I would point out that life causes death after all.  There is nothing we can do about it.

  • Windows 8 Copy & Paste bug

    This is a guess, but what what describe sounds like a security feature.  It is disallowing you to copy and paste between secure and insecure threads.  Vista has this annoying feature where it required elevated permissions to cut and paste into elevated security applications.

    This might be what you are seeing.

  • How do you ​programatic​ally open a file in c# to append?

    Using intellisense only:

    System.IO.FileStream fs = System.IO.File.Open("filename", System.IO.FileMode.Append);

    is one of the many ways you could do it.

  • Windows 8 is not so great for me.

    @Craig_Matthews:what bug?  If you mean the disconnected drives, that is as planned. Why should you maintain a connection to a remote server while not actually using it?  That would tie up resources both on your system and the remote system.

  • TFS 2010 and VS 2012

    @lucianoc:As I am not using TFS 2012, I did not consider those usable.  I am using TFS 2010 from VS 2012.