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Juan Venter lesmemphis
  • Post back issues with ASP Button

    W3bbo said:
    lesmemphis said:

    MTU just affects efficiency of transfer, the same data is received by the client from the server, it just takes longer.

    damn, ok. So any idea what could be causing my problem? I've reviewed the code countless times and tried to debug from local host on numerous occassions and not once have I gotten the error, but as soon as the site is live, it happens.

  • Post back issues with ASP Button

    I've found a related topic on a forum that suggested the MTU (maximum transmission unit) settings on the server be changed. Does this sound like a viable solution and could this be the cause of my problem?

  • Post back issues with ASP Button

    itsnotabug said:

    i've seen something similar before but i have not been able to duplicate it. it happens so rarely that i haven't investigated it too much. it usually manifests itself with a phone call once or twice a year.


    them: the links on the page don't do anything

    me: press f5

    them: oh that did it, now they work. thank you.


    i attribute it to "wonkiness" of the browser (very technical term). if it happened more, i'd probably have them view source and send me the html so i could verify that it looked okay. as always, your situation may be caused by something else, but i've had similar problems on paypal and other high visibility sites.

    The randomness of the occurrences is quite baffling, but it does happen a lot in my case. Problem is, the "they" an "me" in your example is both me.


    My logic says that when I run from local host, both the client and server is on the same pc, whereas when the site is live, the client and server is on remote locations. This could possibly indicate to time-out issues between postback; interruptions in connection; or packets lost during post back. The latter 2 possibilities seem less likely though. I think my problem is either again with standards compliance (using asp:tools incorrectly) or some other minor detail I've overlooked, but I'm at a loss to what it is!  Perplexed

  • Post back issues with ASP Button

    I've got an asp:button that calls server side code. But sometimes when the page loads, none of the buttons will post back. Nothing happens. Then I navigate away from the page and come back, then everything works. I've tried to debug, but I don't get the same problem when running from localhost and debugging through Visual Studio. It only happens when the site is live.


    Why does this happen? How do I fix this?

  • Style Sheets and code behind

    I need to load values via code behind as such:


    SPMS2CRS.SdlVenue venueDetails = new SPMS2CRS.SdlVenue();
    venueDetails.load(getVenueID(), SPMS2CRS.SdlDB.newConnection());


    I need to set the page background color, table header colors, panel colors etc via values I recieved from this class.


    (venueDetails.BodyBGColor etc.)


    can this be loaded into a stylesheet that can be loaded from multiple pages, or will I need to set the attributes through each page's code behind? And how do I do either of these?

  • POST through code behind in asp.net

    W3bbo said:
    lesmemphis said:

    If that's your problem then you're probably doing something wrong, because "those open source browsers" do considerably better than IE when it comes to standards compliance.


    I also note that your solutions all require that scripting be supported on the client. This is a huge no-no.

    Hey, I've managed to get it working. Although, I've no idea if what I'm doing is correct. Lately I've become more and more aware of my lack of knowledge when it comes to standards compliance. The POST and redirect does however work in numerous browsers I've tested, I haven't found one that doesn't work anymore. So that's at least good! Hehe


    Basically I used Dr Herbie's method, all I changed was to write the document in full (html, head, title, body, and form tags; then the script)

    It seems that IE just looks at the script and looks for the form to post. Whereas Firefox and Chrome for example, requires all the tags of a conventional web-page to be present for it to execute the POST.


    Thanks for all the help, the help and advice is part of why I love IT as much as I do. IT is one of the only industries I know of that bases success on one's willingnes to learn, and while being extremely competitive, knowledge is still shared freely!

  • Standards Compliance in ASP Web Development

    Basically I'm a C# developer, but over the last couple of months I've been put on a website project. C# being the foundation of my knowledge, I naturally chose ASP.NET to design the website in.


    I’ve learned a lot and I am quite proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. But I’ve noticed that my biggest mistake is standards compliance and using the right tools for what I want to achieve.


    So, I’d like to hear your opinions on the matter and give advice, suggestions, or alternatives to some concepts I’ve come to use, but am not sure is the best choice:

    • asp:menu – I’ve had a couple of problems, like the z-index bug in IE.
    • scripts – when and how to use them?
    • posting data between pages and to 3rd party sites? http post? sessions?
    • sending emails – I’ve heard many different opinions on the best way to do that!
    • multi-views?
    • datagrids vs asp:table?
    • What’s the best way to keep a website dynamic? When should css sheets be used?
    • Another thing is, I’ve noticed IE being way more lenient on code than open source browsers, why is this?

    I’d love any further advice on standards compliance. Also, go check out the website and let me know what you think, I’d love some suggestions and advice! Learning is after all the base class for success!



  • Dropdownlist does not cause postback asp.net

    cheong said:

    I don't know it they have fixed it, but remember that when I was working on .NET v1.1, both DropDownList and select tag won't work.


    I have to implement select tag then explicitly write any <submit button>.click() on onchange event. (Apparently the SelectedIndexChanged event has been queued in the postback metadata, just that postback somehow not triggered. The event handler will run the event on the next postback occurred)


    Just remember that you MUST turn off AutoEventWireup in order to use this workaround.

    I'm not sure I understand your solution. You mean that the event will fire once a postback occurs, but that you have to insert a seperate submit field to invoke the postback?

  • Dropdownlist does not cause postback asp.net

    spivonious said:

    Are there any items in the list? The event won't fire unless the selection can actually be changed.

    yes, I add the items from ann Asp:table.


    you can view an example of the page here:


    Postback Issues

  • Dropdownlist does not cause postback asp.net

    Hey, I've got a dropdownlist in a asp:gridview , I've set the autopostback to true, but it's still not posting. Why?


    <asp:DropDownList ID="Pax"






    In code behind:

    protected void Pax_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
            int selectedPax = Convert.ToInt32(((DropDownList)sender).SelectedValue);


    Now I don't know if it would call the code behind method in the first place, but currently it doesn't cause a postback at all. Why is this?