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  • Suzan DelBene: From referee to VP

    Some highlights from this interview:
    • introduction of MED = Mobile and Embedded Devices division (SPOT watch not included)
    • she talks about her start-up company when she didn't work at Microsoft
    • SPOT watches are not part of MED
    • her beginnings at Microsoft - working on e-mail product for Mac
    • she's PhD student in molecular technology and bio-tech - but obviously biological cells have not much to do with cellular phones... in other words: she has education totally irrelevant for mobility
    • she doesn't answer the question how she achieved "from internet to vice president" properly (her husband arranged her the job) but just is saying that it was thanks to taking a break from Microsoft and creating a start-up companies (that also were NOT related to mobility)
    • she talks about general managerial skills a lot but nothing about her skills or expertise in mobility
    • she makes impression of "career woman" who doesn't particularly care in which division (area of business) she works, as long as it means high job position = no passion for mobility in particular, but just passion for career.
    • talks about MED (her divisin) being in diverse businesses but cannot recognize it, that it means lack of focus on areas of biggest growth (i.e. mobile phones)
    • pep-talk about being "woman of power at Microsoft", once again irrelevant to mobility but interesting for the interviewer (also a woman - another Microsoft employee)
    • talk about being a mum and having a daughter and a son
    • feminism talk about supporting women in MED and about being successful women, etc
    • she claims that her experiences as (American) football referee help here being better manager at MED
    • talk about her mother (she and her family comes from Wisconsin)
    • Microsoft as good place to work for women
    • about being on maternity leave
    • summary: most of the talk about being woman, personal experiences, etc and very little talk on topic: mobility - the business area of division, of which she is a VP
    Conclusion: from what we know she got VP (Vice President) job at mobile division of Microsoft just because her husband was VP in other area of Microsoft and arranged this job for her. One is for sure: she brought no experiences in mobility to the job, we never saw her expertise about mobility, and we wish she would dare to get interviewed by us during upcoming 3GSM 2006 (we will be there!) instead of just relying on being interviewed by Microsoft employees...