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  • Introducing Docs for Facebook: Making Your Documents Social

    A cool thing about this is you can very easily share your docs with your Facebook friends- where so many people, especially the younger generation, live today online. 


    We designed it thinking about the Facebook user first, and of course people who need want to share docs--  so a few key things...


    -sharing with people you already know on Facebook

    -making the design and UI model the way Facebook users share photos -- so for example, great integration with your feed, like being able to comment on the doc or in facebook for one stream.

    -making the Office Web Apps available to all the folks who might not already be using Microsoft stuff like Office or Windows Live, and giving them access to these great tools with the people and sharing model they already use.


    If you keep those goals in mind, I think you'll get a sense of our motivations and goals for the project.. 

    Its day 2 for us and response has been so fantastic. thanks channel 9 and charles!!!!


    Give it a spin.  Sign up!  Wink