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Christian Liensberger littleguru <3 Seattle
  • Bill found in Outlook 2010

    This is awesome. I like these kind of easter eggs. Very suttle but once discovered plain awesome Smiley

  • Happy New Channel 9 Cake

    Nice work guys Smiley

  • What would you do for MS?

    Microsoft is fun to work at. I haven't been at building 1 in Silicon Valley - didn't even know that there's a building 1 down there - but our secretaries in building 34 are very nice. Always greet, smile and chat a bit with you. I like it.


    It's interesting that there's an idea of Microsoft being "a robot". Probably it's because the company is so big - and this is my personal opinion (as always) Tongue Out What I see is that we are rather a ton of small companies within one company. Small agile teams (at least in Azure, which is where I have visibility) working on interesting projects.


    So far, after 1 year in Redmond, I can say that it is really a dream job. I enjoy going to work and I work long hours because it's so much fun. Our team has startup mentality with a lot of people who want to build interesting things, thinking about simplifying APIs and interaction with software and how to make things open for everyone.

  • Video's Forum please

    CKurt has a great point here - I also noticed the same over the last few years. Videos (and the thread created with them) are all isolated conversations because it's hard to understand whether somebody replied, etc. (an overview is missing) - whereas the Coffeehouse is more like one big conversation due to the overview that allows you to fast understand what has changed since your last visit.

  • Lost Niners

    MasterPie said:
    Charles said:

    Ah yes, he told me about it once. Congrats LittleAwesomeGuru!

    Thanks... I can only tell you guys that working here was a blast so far... if you interested and given Charles has time we could do a short wrap up on how it is to work here Smiley

  • Lost Niners

    I am still around Tongue Out -- working a lot and therefore having not so much time but I am reading stuff and watching the frontpage videos whenever I can.


    You know - my "Dallas" baby needs to be shipped!

  • Football world cup

    blowdart said:
    SharePoint Guy said:


    No comment

    The US goal was LEGENDARY! Wink

  • Football world cup

    Who is going to win? -- I know that Italy will win but you might have a different opinion Tongue Out


  • MetroTwit beta is up

    The text is exactly as blurry as the VS 2010 beta code editor was. I can't read it without getting a headache... Sad

  • Belgium cultural appreciation thread

    belgium beer... hmmm...