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lmoroney lmoroney No, this isn't really me

Niner since 2006

Technology Evangelist for Microsoft, working with the very cool "WPF/E"
  • Silverlight powered Photosynths for NASA

    Smiley -- Sorry I probably wasn't clear in my enthusiasm.

    You don't _need_ a Cray to be able to synth these. In my case I had thousands of pictures, and some software that the PS team gave me to try synthing offline. It was faster for me to iterate through my pictures down to a set that 'worked' by using the cray to synth them.

    Once I had the 'good' set of images, I then used the 'standard' way of doing it -- uploading to Photosynth.net and having it build the rover synth.



  • Joe Stegman talks about the "WPF/E" CTP

    Linux is not presently supported. Not even with FireFox...sorry -- but keep watching Smiley