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  • Building web apps powered by Angular 2.x using Visual Studio 2017

    @Martin Sher: in case you didn't already find it - the angular page tells you all about it.


    Its about half way down the page - "Updating to 4.0.0". Realistically until you need to or at least understand what you are doing a bit more fully, I recommend not doing so.

  • Building web apps powered by Angular 2.x using Visual Studio 2017

    Possibly one of the best Channel9 videos I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot); clear and informative but also very helpful to see you making (and fixing) the errors as you go. I have been struggling to get started on Angular for a few weeks but this video has really helped me to get the results I knew should be possible.

    I have got my starter/learning site running on a Linux VM in a fraction of the time that the equivalent MVC/JS site would have taken me. I may never write another MVC Web App and for that I thank you for helping that happen.

    In 20 years I have never been so excited to be a developer - the new world of Microsoft' open-source, cross-platform and cross-vendor support is a truly amazing thing to behold.

  • ANX.​Framework (ANX's not XNA... but kind of)

    This looks awesome and I'll be digging into this. However, I wish Microsoft would take the hint from ANX and indeed the Mono Project and accept that full .Net/XNA support on all 3 major os platforms would actually help drive windows sales not harm them. I am feeling torn between MSs excellent platform, frameworks and development tooling and just 'going other' to address my customers who can't (or won't) use Windows.