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  • Doron Holan - Kernel Mode Driver Framework

    Ya know it seems like,  honostly we could maintain the integrity of the device writers by using better examples ya know....Cus one of the issues that I've found as a novice user, was that even with all the fancy frameworks, there were times that certain things required knowing how things were working on the inside.But with the drivers you know.... like in the DDK documentation.....  there's a reference to functions variables... all kinds of diagrams.when it comes down to the nitty gritty of actually making a working driver.The documentation leaves it at, well look through an example.Which is sometimes is good, but in this case, especially with the complexity of drivers.  This is soooooo f#@!% up....I strongly beleive in the method of working with little peices.... get the little pieces to work, and after you put all the little pieces together the whole picture becomes clearer....But it's hard to sift through the examples in the DDK and figure out whats a little piece.It's nice to strip the example.  Work with just a little and see what it does.Seems like we could step it down a notch for beginners, and just try a hello world type driver....Just something simple like,   is there anything plugged into a USB port.Then maybe if so, Then how many?Just something simple like that.....   not much just a little thing.dont worry about power, or if something got plugged in, or takin out, just what's there, and if anything, how many?And a lot of this came from the fact that I've been chewing this DDK over now for a couple months, and I've went to the University library, and there's books on how the brains work, the body, light waves, the physics, and molecular structures of atoms and all this stuff.And you get to where the driver books would be, and there's only one shelf, about shoulder width of old driver books for IBMsnothing with even a complete example where you could atleast do something little.and that's it.......   In a day in age where so much in life almost revolves around the drivers, and only one little shelf of ancient technology.It was really sad.Just seems like better examples would help out a lot more, than racking our brains on developing a driver framework.Ya know this driver things, really been kicking my (I need to watch my language). Use to think, that I just haven't been looking in the right places.But here lately, I mean I have been every where, and watching this video made me realize that we're just at the threshold of technology ya know.  Its just so new, and a black art like yall said.and ya just, ya know you're on your own.Cus even out of alllllllll these resource links.......  there's almost none that you can come away from as a novice, and get going with.The saddest part is......  this is only a hump.....  the device development is where everythings at ya know.The local university dont even teach a class on driver development.....   its freakin crazy man