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  • Italia 9: Alessandro Catorcini e ​Affidabilit​a’ del .NET Framework

    Vittorio ma per cortesia....the second part of your comment is ridiculous and laughable.
    I understand the love for your country, which happens to be mine as well, but with your "commedy shows" you are hurting it.
    Think about your poor job on Italia9 and learn from anybody's feedback rather than arguing the viewers' posts. It will definitely help you with the 3rd one.

  • Italia 9: Alessandro Catorcini e ​Affidabilit​a’ del .NET Framework

    Hey Carlo Tower take it easy. Afterall I said he can do better, didn't I ?

    Even negative reviews are somewhat constructive. Keep that in mind instead of arguing with the viewers.


  • Italia 9: Alessandro Catorcini e ​Affidabilit​a’ del .NET Framework

    Caro Vittorio,
    Insted of arguing with the viewers and being arrogant like a "peppino", why don't you try to learn from the feedback and improve the quality of your work? I'm so fortunate to speak fluent italian as well as english, but i still don't understand the purpose of such kind of interviews content-less. I do appreciate all your effort trying to be a "player" in the channel9 community, however not everybody is "cut" for that. Your inteviews are "candid cameras"- like and sometimes pathetic. To be honest I was expecting much more from an Italian group.  I know you can do better, don't give up!

    I'm watching you Wink

    Btw. what do you know about italian computer "scientists"? that's so funny!

    Un salutone,