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  • CodePlex: Shared Source coupled with Agility == Happy Team

    CodePlex is for sure meant to be a long-standing Microsoft project, so this video is very useful as introduction for the system.
    Anyway, I would also like to see a more technical article on the subject both on the front side and the 'behind-the-scenes'.

    It would be good to see how the systems actually works: because this is not open- or shared-source, a few hints on the inner mechanism will be of course a plus for the tech-oriented audience.

    Then, for the beginner users it would also help another video where the key features are explained and possibly shown in actions: how to manage an Issue or how to upload the Source Code using Team Explorer, for instance, would be good starting points.

    I think CodePlex is so interesting that it will need more and more video and space on MSDN, it is both useful for Developers who want to publish their projects and as project itself to be studied both technically and socially as a collaborative event.

    I would suggest to make a full series of CodePlex videos each running through a different aspect of it.
    I also suggest all these videos to be starred by Julie alone Tongue Out She really need to overcome her problem with the camera Wink
    I mean it, really: she is the 'front face' of the team, after all, and she is barely known to us.
    I propose a petition to have more on-screen time for her!

    Happy coding!