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  • Kevin Schofield -- Tour of Microsoft Research's VIBE group (large ​screens/mul​tiple monitors)

    I WANT THE APP THAT SAVES AND RESTORES MY APP WINDOWS! The "snapshot" feature for GroupBar. Tasked based work is a huge part of my daily routine, and I am constantly switching. Even if I did have to close all the apps out and restart everything it would be better then how I do it now. I'm not entirely sure about the GroupBar itself, but I haven't used it, and I can see how it might be useful, but I'm primarily interested in the snapshot feature.

    rhm wrote:
    And the thing to save and restore app windows ... there is no standard way to get an application to persist the state of it's user interface in Windows (or any other OS I'm aware of). Sure we can see what programs are running, save their window sizes/locations and try to work out for certain common apps what documents are loaded, but as a general purpose solution it's a bit of a pipe-dream.

    rhm makes a good point though, if you were able to save the state of an app that would be HUGE! Just like the hibernate feature in windows, if we could do that for individual apps that would make it even better to switch between tasks you were in the middle of and didn't want to take the time to save everything then all the time to open everything back up and remember where you left off again.