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  • Injecting MVC with MEF 2 in 2 Minutes

    LOL--cursor dancing to Grapes!

    I've always found MEF (and DI/IOC)  to be ironic. 

    It's useless until you need it, then it's indispensible!

  • Visual Studio Toolbox: ​Simplificat​ion of the Visual Studio 11 Development Environment

    First, ditto on the obscurification via gray buttons.

    And, on the plus side:

    1. The temporarily open preview tabs will help me reduce "tab clutter".

    2. Including powertools natively is great no-brainer...especially Solution Explorer.

    3. VS now being single-instance/multiple-context is useful (yes, I've opened 3 copies of VS at once).

    In the too-soon-to-tell category, debug navigation in the solution explorer could be more intuitive as long as it's really as flexible as I imagine it to be.

    Overall, I like the emphasis on "keyboard centric" vs "mouse centric" use of VS tooling.