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  • Jason Zander: Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate Released - General Download Available

    I notice that the Express editions haven't yet entered RC - the download page at still lists Beta 2. Any idea when we'll see those RCs released?

  • WPF 3.5 SP1 App Model with Jennifer Lee

    Thanks Jennifer.

    For my purposes I would only need to set the HTML string (a "OneWay" binding) since the browser control itself wouldn't be doing any updating. Perhaps I could define an attached property or something that called NavigateToString() when it was set?

    I think the old example you often see of a WPF app that reads RSS feeds would be well-served by a simple property on WebBrowser that lets you bind directly to a string - that way the browser could be bound to the selected item in the feed and simply display it as the user navigates through the list of items.

  • WPF 3.5 SP1 App Model with Jennifer Lee

    Will the WPF WebBrowser control be a DependencyObject and therefore bindable? Could I, for example, do this:

    <WebBrowser DocumentText="{Binding MyHtmlProperty}" />


    ps. You're right about the "so", guys - both Adam and Jennifer started almost every sentence with it! Expressionless

  • ARCast - Patterns and ​Anti-​Patterns for SOA Applied

    Excellent show, Ron! You really got me thinking.

    I've juts blogged about the idea of specifying a "detail level" in the objects you might request from a service.
  • IE7: CSS Support?

    Are any of those demo pages available online somewhere? Particularly the "virtual earth 'lens'" one and the "eagle/shadow" one. They were awesome.
  • Office Communicator


    My workmates never cease to astound me.

    I forwarded this video on to a few of them, and the majority of them responded with a comment like, "We've had this for three years!"

    Well, yeah - we've had VoIP with a stand-alone management program. And we've had Lotus SameTime for corporate IM. And we've had MSN Messenger for Internet IM. And I'm sure we've had a few other stand-alone programs for all the other things this application can do.

    But we've never had them integrated into one place like this. I don't understand why my colleagues can't see this.