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Matt Hamilton mabster
  • Linq to SQL -- modify SQL?

    Dr Herbie said:

    As always, I find an answer within a few minutes of posting a question here:

    A ReadUncommitted isolation level in a TransactionScope has the same effect as NOLOCK (apparently).

    See this blog entry for snippet of code ...


    Glad I could help, Dr Herbie! Wink

  • Boot issue: no POST, no video display

    I had exactly the same problem with my PC last year - no POST but all the fans etc spun up just fine.

    Took it to a hardware guru workmate who suggested it was the power supply.

    I wouldn't believe him, since everything (fans, HDD etc) were coming on, but he swapped in a spare PSU (of equivalent wattage) and it booted just fine.

    So I'd suggest trying the PSU if you can get hold of a spare.

  • Howard or Rudd?

    Custa1200 wrote:
    Or is that Costello and Rudd?

    Despite what the polls are saying, I believe it could easily go either way right now.

    I don't like Rudd, but then I never much liked Howard either (although I agree with most of his policies). Since it looks like Costello's going to be taking over in a few years I'll vote that way.

    Just keeping my fingers crossed that Costello gets in and makes Tony Abbot his deputy, purely for the name gag.

  • Silverlight on C9

    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    Yes.  An HTTP-based video would show the buffer progress, but an MMS-based (streaming) video would not.  Channel 9 only appears to fall back to HTTP if the video is not available as an MMS stream.

    In that case I'd much prefer that all vids were HTTP-based. The MMS-based ones stutter on low-bandwidth connections (like at home if I'm doing *anything* else on my link).

    At least an option to switch would be nice. It's great to be able to pause a vid and let the whole thing buffer before you play it.

  • Silverlight on C9

    Ah! I wasn't seeing the dark-gray "buffer" progress yesterday, but today I am. Don't know if something has changed at the server end in the last 24 hours. Perplexed

    Edit: Hmm ... does it depend on the video? I see the buffer progress on the "Code to Live" vid, but not on the "Vista SP1" vid.

  • Silverlight on C9

    Ok, thanks Sampy. I'll give it a go at home on my 512kb/s connection while I'm downloading something and see how it performs.

    I love being able to pause a video and let it come down so I can watch the whole thing without any stuttering as it buffers. With any luck I won't need to if the streaming server concept works.

  • Silverlight on C9

    Can I pause one of these vids and let the whole thing stream down on a slow connection, like I can on Youtube?

    There doesn't seem to be any visual indication of how much has already come down, even while paused.

  • C# Extension Properties?

    Yeah, I was hoping for extension properties too:

    public static TimeSpan Minutes[this int i]
       getreturn new TimeSpan(0, i, 0); }

    public static DateTime Ago[this TimeSpan ts]
       get { return DateTime.Now.Subtract(ts); }

    So then I could do:

    DateTime d = 20.Minutes.Ago;

    No ugly parentheses!

  • Accessing MSDN forums from IE 7.0

    I've had quite a few problems with the forums lately (and a few other Live ID sites).

    At one point I couldn't open the forums at all, on several of my PCs. IE7 would just show me a white screen whilst continually "redirecting" back and forth between a few URLs.

    Another time I could get into the forums, but doing anything that related to me as a user (eg creating a post or viewing my threads) brought me to the "you have successfully signed out" page.

    On both occasions, finding the cookie for forums.microsoft.com and deleting it fixed the problem.


  • Euenglish

    Lest anyone think this is a new piece, here's the original from Mark Twain: