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  • 10-4 Episode 2: Welcome to Visual Studio 2010

    Does VS2010 retain the feature where some panes slide out and just stay there inexplicably? I like how when I load a project in 2005/8, some random pane just comes barfing out into the screen and won't go away unless I pin it and then unpin it. This can also be triggered by random other events duing build and debug. It's almost like VS is insecure in itself and just wants me to use some of it's panes once in a while to validate it emotionally.


    Better still is how when I have a solution with ~75 projects, it expands them all by default. I heard this got fixed, so that'll be nice.


    (last one) what about how I can have the form designer open, click on a control, then slide out the properties pane only to have it showing me the properties of some file or something OTHER than the control I clicked on, then when I click on the control again it loads the properties correctly and then immediately hides the properties pane. Pretty sweet.


    Seriously though, I am annoyed most of all that microsoft would go launching ahead with all these new features that will probably not get enough use to justify their presence, while at the same time passing over serious and obvious productivity problems with the UI that have persisted from VS2003. Each new release seems to slow down in direct proportion to the level of "shiny" you guys keep adding. Now when I ask the IDE to close, it just sits there not using significant network or CPU resources for about 15 seconds, then closes... man, seriously? Stop adding "shiny" and start adding "fast."